Atlanta's Nostalgic Street Fighters Pics

Last week the Nostalgic Street Fighters crew from Hotlanta’s Zero Garage held a lakeside meet in the Dirrrty South. Check out the pics on this thread. Who knew there were so many old school cars and one very fuzzy RX-4 in the Peach State? Thanks to qdseeker for the pics!

UPDATE: Here is another thread of awesome pics. Thanks to puregroove:dot:org for posting them.

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3 Responses to Atlanta's Nostalgic Street Fighters Pics

  1. nlpnt said:

    Thread link missing.

  2. Ben said:

    My bad! Corrected.

  3. coupeZ600 said:

    Man! That’s the kind of car show I want to go to/be in! I’ve been to a few lately that made me kinda’ ashamed I parked mine OUTSIDE the show. Every car has been perfect,…Finished. It’s great to see some cars with character, potential, dreams and honesty! Thanks Ben!

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