As Good as it Gets.


There are different levels of car restoration, I think most folks would agree.  You can buy an old beater and, you know, fix the things that have suffered over time.  Cut out the rust where you can easily get to it, replace and repair the busted things that stand out like lights and dents in the body.  Perhaps respray it in its original colour, so it looks new but doesn’t cost as much as a whole new colour.

Then you’ve got the more hardcore enthusiasts like this guy.  They fall into the “As New just isn’t good enough” category, and it really shows in their work.  No stone is left unturned – and no component left as it was – in the types of projects these fellas turn their hands to.

Just looking at this Celica, you can tell you’re moments away from mortgaging the house in order to offer this guy whatever he wants for his car.  When you see the state this RA29 was in before “1977RA29” got his hands on it, the shock will be even more pronounced.

Jump over to for his progress blog and a bevy of photos.

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