And I Would Walk 500 Miles

Mitsubishi’s fame in the world of motorsport comes mainly from two sources – Lancer Evos hooning it up in the WRC, and Pajeros (Monteros) swallowing sand by the duneful in the Dakar Rally. Successes in these series go down in the record books, but the triple diamond mafia actually began its racing career at the 1962 Macau Grand Prix, where this lead Mitsubishi 500 Super Deluxe, piloted by Kazuo Togawa, and three others like it swept the top four places in the 750cc class.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s another Jalopnik gallery devoted to the 594cc killer of slightly larger cars displayed at the Mitsubishi Owner’s Day, which they attended this past weekend. Eagle-eyed viewers out there may have noticed that this also happens to be the car in our forum banner.

UPDATE: Our forum member bxu71 has posted pics of some seriously sweet old school Lancers/Colts from the event. You can check them out in our forum.

Image courtesy of Jalopnik.

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