A photo album of cars as part of the Japanese family

Most tourists are probably familiar with Orix as one of the major rental car companies in Japan, but the firm conducts many other auto-related businesses. One of them is EverDrive, an app that helps you track your elderly parents’ movements in cars and alerts you if it detects erratic driving patterns. To promote the app, last month Orix held a photo contest in which they asked customers to submit photos of themselves with their parents. Many took the driving theme to heart and sent in photos that included the family car. The winners were announced this morning.

The winner of the contest was a user named machi, who submitted an image of pompadour’d gent holding a baby in an RT90 Toyota Corona. First prize was ¥30,000 (approximately $300 USD).

The Ever Drive Excellence Award went to a photo depicting a mother, grandmother, and three children having a picnic beside a Mazda Familia wagon. The user, Mi-chan, says it was taken in 1964 and “taken by my father who liked cars and cameras” and “took the family out for a drive every weekend.” The prize was ¥10,000 (approximately $100 USD).

The People’s Choice winner, which garnered the most votes online, was submitted by Lisa Chipe, and shows her late father watching her as she sits on the hood of an old wagon. What’s interesting is that there is another car, which appears to be a Nissan of some sort, reflected in the fender mirror. She too was awarded ¥30,000.

Runners up included Mai-chan and her now-87-year-old father standing in front of an RT20 Toyota Corona, Jaws’ mother with a KE10 Toyota Corolla and the mountains of Nagano in the background, Urakaro with her cool-guy dad and a sidecar-equipped motorcycle, and Monta Cafe’s photo of mom with an unknown white sedan.

According to Orix, 80 percent of the applicants were in their 40s or older, with most of the photos hailing from the Showa Era. Everything from Subaru 360s and early Mitsubishi Colts to Toyota Celicas and Nissan Skylines are represented. There are even some truly phenomenal machines purchased by some ultra-hip moms and dads, including a Honda S800, 1300 Coupe 9, Mazda RX-3, and a Hakosuka GT-R.

It’s a wonderful series of snapshots of Japanese life from when the cars we love were new, and a reminder to go give your parents (or your children) a hug. Maybe even pose for a photo in front of a JNC of your own. You can see some of our favorites below, and the rest of the images at the Orix EverDrive contest website.

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11 Responses to A photo album of cars as part of the Japanese family

  1. jamal said:

    That is awesome ….because I own a Kenmeri….I love the picture of the white Kenmeri…..

  2. Ian Newman said:

    Fantastic collection – and glad they’ve been coaxed out of the analogue World to be digitised – and shared.

  3. LB1 said:

    The daruma Celica with the four of them hanging out the windows is my favorite. LOL

  4. Eric Hyland said:

    awsome…. i love the smiles!!!! I love the one with the ski’s on the roof…that guy is seriously ready for the slopes.

  5. Alan said:

    Family and Show Era J-tin, what else is there? Wonderful, heartwarming stuff. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Dimitry Mochkin said:

    Huge thanks for posting this.

  7. Bob said:

    This is awesome.

    Side note- I’m like 99% certain the “old wagon” in Lisa Chipe’s photo is a Mazda Luce, it looks like the 1800 I used to own.

  8. Cho said:

    Nice. Like to see more and home movies featuring JNC.

  9. Negishi no Keibajo said:

    Great article! Thank you!

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