All Japan Day, Adelaide Australia

all-japandayThere were so many car shows going on last weekend. All-Japan Day, “Australia’s premier all-japanese classic and import show,” went down in Adelaide, South Australia. But since they’re in the southern hemisphere doesn’t that make them, like, the Wisconsin of Oz? And yet, so… much… J-tin! Is that sound reasoning? Who knows, we fail at geography. But what we don’t fail at is drooling over very awesome cars.

Some of you look at the Events, Meets & Gatherings section of the forum for event announcements, but where do you think the pictures go after the show’s over, hmmmm? Check out both pages of JNCer benny_blanco‘s snaps (page 2 here). All of us (well, minus Kev) once again proclaim our jealousy of the Ozzies! Hand over your J-tin and eucalyptus Ewok bears now!!

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4 Responses to All Japan Day, Adelaide Australia

  1. BlownArrow! said:

    Drooling over the CSP311 Silvia car porn! 😛

  2. Nigel said:

    Lookslike “Speedtribe”, is also big Downunder. Cool.

  3. mister k said:

    an early c10 hakosuka brings joy to all hearts

    early hako

  4. colink said:

    Drool drool sooooo cool

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