Actually, Here Are Some Official Nissan 370Z Pics

Oh Nissan, why do you toy with us so? Less than 12 hours since we posted a bunch of spy shots and speculative renderings about the upcoming 370Z, you decide to unleash photos of the real thing. Maybe we can just claim we were ahead of the curve?

Anyway, here it is, in all it’s naked, uncamouflaged glory. Check out those voluptuous fenders. Baby got back! Also, The 240Z C-pillars are an official go, although Jalopnik calls the design a BMW-copying “Hoffmeister Kink.” Grrrrrrr…

Pics of the rear and interior after the jump.

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7 Responses to Actually, Here Are Some Official Nissan 370Z Pics

  1. Sr-FairladyZ said:

    Love it, interior is much nicer. Looks classy in there now. Needs that wing from the spy shots though to really set it off. Now all we need is a couple turbines hiding in the bay. In some ghastly confined area. 🙂

  2. leongsoon said:

    Finally! The classy Z is back! Never felt anything for the Z33, but now, I think I’m in love again 😀

  3. Kimico said:

    Beautiful desing and a very nice interior. All we need now is some real real turbo horsepower.

  4. panda[cRx] said:

    oooh i rikey velli muchy

  5. Edz280zx said:

    Much better than the 350 imo. Wish they would redo the taillights tho, I could take em’ or leave em’.

  6. einzelherz said:

    The tail still needs to be squared up a bit like the cars it’s suppose to be reflecting on. The ducktail is a nice start, but it still looks like it’s driving backwards.

  7. Jayman said:

    I agree with redoing the taillights. Something reminiscent of the 240z squarish style but modern would finish it perfectly. 9/10 Nissan.

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