A note about last weekend’s outage

The JNC server experienced a disk failure Friday night. It took almost the entire weekend for our webhost to diagnose and rectify the problem. We had to restore to the most recent backup, which was taken at 9:00am Friday. The weekend articles have been subsequently reposted but some comments were lost. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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18 Responses to A note about last weekend’s outage

  1. XRaider927 said:

    Finally hope you post the recent(and saddest one)

  2. Geoff said:

    Thanks for your hard work. Weirdness abounds :/

  3. SHC said:

    Welcome back, you were missed.

  4. clay said:

    Being without JNC for a couple of days was nerve-wracking!

  5. Scotty G said:

    I thought that I was somehow being punished for not owning enough JNCs.. I’m glad that you’re up and running again, sorry to hear about the troubles.

  6. VincenzoL said:

    Pweeh! I almost thought I was getting censored for my Rocket Bunny disdain! Lol

  7. no salsa said:

    Maybe professional help is needed to get everything back in order. I know a lot of people have stopped coming here because the amount of outages and slow traffic.While not intential losing posts here is far too common. I used to post on 2 or 3 sites for that very reason.

    Surely even the most basic cheap servers have built in disk redundancy these days.

    • Ben Hsu said:

      The thing is we DO have professional help. the webhosting company was working to get the server back online all weekend. I’m not sure why they didn’t have redundancy but now that the issue seems mostly solved we will have to find out.

      • no salsa said:

        Ben i suspect someone is telling porkkes. Hosting companies these days wouldn’t use dedicated severs but would use some sort of cloud service where they can easily move the jnc service with a mouse move or automatically when failure occurs. Thats what virtualisation and all the money in IT is these days. Everything from severs to network equipment.

        Sorry for the tech lesson but they’re been a lame provider.

      • Ben Hsu said:

        I’m not familiar with all the terminology, but you sound like you are far more educated on these matters. JNC lives on a Cloud VPS. When we first started having problems Friday night, it was traced to an bad HVM and migrated.

        It was up for 8 hours Saturday, then kept crashing. Each time the server was rebooted, it wouldn’t progress without a file system check. That was traced to a disk error Sunday night. That’s when they decided to (I think) install a new disk and restore off a backup taken Friday.

        Does this sound likely? I have no clue about these things. And no need to apologize. I definitely want to know if the company is lame! We went with them because they were ranked in a top 5 list on Lifehacker. Thanks for your help!

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