7MGTE-powered S30Z versus Ferrari F430

I don’t know too much about this video, but suffice it to say that it’s apparently a 7MGTE-powered S30Z. I wish I could tell you more than that! There was some (short and blabbery) discussion about it at the Nico forums, which you can read here.

How do you folks feel about owners transplanting engines from other manufacturers into their cars? Dropping an SR20 or an RB motor into your S30Z is one thing (and even that’s something a lot of traditionalists would frown at), but a Toyota motor? Jump into the comments and let us know!

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4 Responses to 7MGTE-powered S30Z versus Ferrari F430

  1. Kev said:

    Ahh. Touchy subject 🙂

    Me personally I think the engine is the heart of the car, and so while swaps are cool, I think the new engine should be appropriate for the era. So it should still sound like a car of that age.

    While I have respect for old cars with thumpingly powerful modern motors, to me it’s a little like a gorgeous older woman who goes and has lots of plastic surgery to look 25. Ok, cool but kinda unnatural and less appealing.

    …and a car like the S30 should never go “pat-choo” when you back off the throttle 🙂 It’s not right.

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