280Z Spotted in Midnight Club: Los Angeles Game

We’ve never believed that a racing game should have to include an underground street racing storyline and the presence of dubs. Call us Gran Turismo snobs if you must, but the reason the GT series appeals to our inner nerds is the rich selection of classic cars available in the game. Recently there’s been a lot of noise on teh Internets about Midnight Club: Los Angeles, the latest in one of the cartoonish series we’ve been ignoring. That is, until this Datsun 280Z caught our eye. Admittedly, the ridiculous X-wing spoiler doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, but consider our interest piqued. For those jonesing for some old school Gran Turismo goodness, take a look at this forum thread.

[Rockstar Games]

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8 Responses to 280Z Spotted in Midnight Club: Los Angeles Game

  1. Sam said:

    That’s will be a exiting game. I want it on my PS3.

  2. panda[cRx] said:

    *shudders @ spoiler*

    do they have tie-fighter hachi’s?

  3. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:


    I never much cared for that series after the first one on PS2. It’s a huge stereotype of the “underground” import scene…

  4. Kev said:

    Because of that spoiler, I am not playing this game out of sheer principle

  5. Jesse said:

    I won’t be satisfied with a “street racing” game until Genki steps up to the plate again. The Tokyo Xtreme line was just ingenious (especially because a Fairlady was the ultimate car in the game).

  6. Ben said:

    Thanks for reminding me. There IS a 240Z in that game, and it was rather satanic looking too.

  7. Zadam said:

    I now have MCLA and it is quite cool to build/customise the 280Z and then cruise around in it.

  8. lol this game is pretty fun and will deff. get on your nerves when you cant win a certain race…( i’v caught myself before throwing the controller at the flatscreen) then realized a different car might help haha well the game has an unrealistic speed feeling like twice the normal speed but still is realistic … the burnouts and donuts are a lil unrealistic too but driving the car you put work into and putting graphics on makes up for that… and theres nothing like driving one of your favorite cars in 5 gear still burning rubber from the torgue lol… credit 1 through 10 i’d give it an 8 for fun and a 10 for the detail of the cars they are not real looking they are REAL … only on your screen through haha

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