MINICARS: 2015 Hot Wheels Heritage line loaded with nostalgic Nissans

2015 Hot Wheels Heritage line Datsun Bluebird 510

When we called 2014 the Year of the JNC, one of our arguments was that Hot Wheels was using every Japanese nostalgic casting in their lineup for that year. This was the personal goal of the godfather of JNC Hot Wheels, Jun Imai, but extenuating circumstances at the retail end prevented that dream from being fully realized. Popular classics like the Datsun 510 and 240Z, which weren’t in the regular line, were slated to be in the 2014 Cool Classics premium line. That didn’t happen, but fortunately, they will live on in 2015. 

Hot Wheels Cool Classics Datsun 510 canceled

The last few batches of the Cool Classics line, a throwback to the redline era, was supposed to include the Datsun 510, 240Z, Subaru BRAT and Honda S2000. Unfortunately, the line was canceled and those cars didn’t have a chance to reach the pegs in 2014. (For an explanation of why that happens, read this article). There are rumors that these will still be released, by March of 2015, but we cannot confirm.

2015 Hot Wheels Heritage Datsun 510

However, for 2015, Cool Classics is being succeeded by a new premium Heritage line, which will include not only the absent-from-2014 Datsun favorites, the 510, 240Z, but also returning champions the hakosuka and kenmeri Skylines. The colorways appear to be much more realistic in this series as compared to the Cool Classics, which were beholden to the Spectraflame colors of the original redlines. This 510, for example, looks like it could have been a privateer SCCA racer back in the day. The 240Z, which Redline Club members can see, looks like a Bonneville Salt Flat speed trial car, complete with Mooneyes discs.

You can see the rest of the Heritage lineup at the official Hot Wheels website.

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5 Responses to MINICARS: 2015 Hot Wheels Heritage line loaded with nostalgic Nissans

  1. Toyotageek said:

    Cool Classics case K began showing up at online dealers a few days ago.

    Assortment includes:
    Mustang Boss 302
    84 Hurst Olds
    Honda S2000
    Ford GT
    65 Volkswagen Fastback

    Case L is supposed to come out in March:
    Datsun 240Z
    Datsun Bluebird 510
    1976 Chevy Chevette
    Subaru Brat
    Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

    At least that’s the buzz on various forums.

  2. mister k said:


  3. Steve said:

    Are the wheels on the #92 510 Real Riders rubber tires?

  4. JHMAB2 said:

    I was looking forward to the BRAT. Damn

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