KIDNEY, ANYONE? $1,600 Datsun steering wheel watch auctioned at Bonhams

Datsun 510 Watch $1586

We’d gladly give up our internal organs for ridiculously rare cars, but a wristwatch? Amidst all the excitement over million dollar Toyotas at the Monterey Historics we nearly overlooked the fact that a rare Datsun timepiece sold for $1,586 at Bonhams’ Quail Lodge auctions in Carmel, California that same week. 

Datsun 510 Watch Bonhams Auction

Details are scarce. The only description given is that it is nickel-plated and has “mechanical movement by Gottlieb Weber, single jewel, luminescent hands on Datsun logo dial with rubber sport strap and steel buckle and case back; 39mm diam.

Datsun WristWatch 610 260ZNo history of the watch is given, but it appears to be from a Canadian promo that promised to give 10 lucky customers a brand new Datsun 610 back in 1974. 1,000 steering wheel watches were given away as well as second-place prizes but, as you can see, is probably worth more than most of those 610s 40 years later.

Thanks to Dennis S. for the tip!

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7 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? $1,600 Datsun steering wheel watch auctioned at Bonhams

  1. yhlz said:

    That would definitely be cool to have! But for that price ill be fine with something a little bit cheaper.

  2. Nigel said:

    If, I had the watch I would gladly trade it for a 610 or two.

  3. invinciblejets said:

    Wow really cool if I had the money I would definitely own that…..

  4. John M said:

    I want to enter the contest! I hope it’s not too late.

  5. Indo JDM said:’s really cool …how about making a repro of those watches ???

    I can’t afford a $ 1,600 watch ( at least for now) but if they make a limited repro of those watches I will happily pay $ 100 for one.

  6. tkmedia said:

    Calling my watchmaker right now!

  7. bob said:

    Seems these promo steering wheel watches weren’t all that uncommon…

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