Wednesday Wall: Isuzu Bellett Rally Car, 1965

We realize there was a dearth of Isuzu-related material at JCCS, so here’s a big bad wolf just cold storming through the woods of Australia, circa 1965. We found it whilst skimming Teh Internets on the site of Bruce Upton, a 60-year veteran photographer. You can see many more beautiful images, automotive or otherwise, on his site.

[Upton Photos]

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11 Responses to Wednesday Wall: Isuzu Bellett Rally Car, 1965

  1. E-AT_me said:

    the photography of this one picture alone is stunning. i dare not click on the link to his site as i know i’ll be there for hours.. awesome car and always great to see something “in the elements” and during it’s hey-day.

  2. Tyler said:

    This is the kind of stuff I live for. It might even take the place of the JNC Award winning Z600.

    Too bad the guy doesn’t tag his stuff for searching.

    • Ben said:

      NIce find! I believe it’s a Mazda Bongo, which is clearly the best name ever.

    • Tj said:

      Holy cow!!!

      Look at all those parking spaces in Woolomolloo!!!

      (for those not in on the joke Woolomoloo is right in the city of Sydney and parking is near impossible)

  3. Nigel said:

    Really excellent photo’s.
    Thanks for posting the link Ben.

  4. Lincoln Stax said:

    I think I just orgasmed a little.

  5. John said:

    Curious to know what this means…

    “The Bellet was the precursor of the Mitsubishi range in Australia”

    Does he think Isuzu turned into Mitsubishi?

  6. Bruce Upton said:

    thanks for the interest guys, my photo of the Isuzu Bellet is one of quite a number of car trial pics that I took over a few years.

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