Mazda Cosmo Sports Rust Away in Japan

What is this, Ultraman‘s collection of parts cars?

[Komin’s Photo Blog via Banpei via Gred. Hat tip to Goki.]

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16 Responses to Mazda Cosmo Sports Rust Away in Japan

  1. Camshaft said:

    I just died a little inside, but at the same time, I’m morbidly intrigued.

  2. gred said:

    lawl,i hat tip it to banpei,and now its here too xD…but yea,its pretty sad pic…

  3. Patrick McLean said:

    Ooooh, same here. It’s now my sad desktop wallpaper to stare at with a dull stare.

  4. Derek said:

    my dream car abandoned in a field, completely derelict.. (._.

  5. Tyler said:

    I gasped out loud. This is heartbreaking.

  6. banpei said:

    Actually the picture was also sent to me by Gred and I felt I just had to post it.
    BTW: Can you add him to the via as well? :)

  7. E-AT_me said:

    someone call mazda!!! that’s such a shame. i wish i could be there in person.. lovin the SSR’s on the red one..

  8. bert said:

    NOT COOL!!

  9. Johnny A. said:

    well this person is obviously a Mazda fan, thus I wonder what else is on the property…

  10. Victor said:

    This is so sad =*(…. I wonder who owns them though.

  11. Jim-Bob said:

    A sad fate for such cool cars. I have never even seen one of these in person, let alone this many. I wonder what their story is and how they wound up perched on a hill side like that? Between them all surely there are enough parts to build at least one working example.

  12. nlpnt said:

    How do you say “They’re not for sale! I’m gonna resote ’em all someday, now get off my property!” in Japanese?

  13. Nigel said:

    Upsetting in a way that is not easily described…

  14. Kuroneko said:

    Well, I guess there goes my next haikyo exploration on Yahoo Map! Trawling the quarries around Karuizawa for a way in… Wish me luck. Thanks!


      Can I please have one front winshield,one front bumper and one 10a motor? I need some spare for my Cosmo… Just in case…. for the future…

      • Alex Vazeos said:

        Hello Michalis,

        Your Cosmo will not be alone any longer! My L10B is due to be loaded from Nagoya, all going well, should be in Athens within April. My email is
        Send me yours and we will arrange to meet when the car arrives.
        All the best,

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