2009 Carlisle Imports Welcomes the J-Tin

carlisle The town of Carlisle in southeastern Pennsylvania is synonymous with mega car gatherings. A few summers ago, we went to the All Ford Nationals and there were probably more Boss Mustangs at that one event than all the surviving Toyotas Coronas in the country put together. These shows are huge. Traditionally, Japanese cars have been bunched together with European imports, kit cars, and replicas, making them seem like part of the category marked “other.” But finally, in 2009, they’ll have their day in the sun.

According to a recent press release, cars from Japan will take center stage at the 2009 import/kit/replica show. Say the organizers, “Although there were relatively few Japanese cars in the US in the 60s, by the 70s Americans had come to recognize the fun and excitement of these cars.” The event will be May 15-17, 2009. Mark your calendars to remind yourself to buy a 2009 calendar so you can mark that.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures from this year’s event posted in our forum courtesy of oleyline.

Thanks to Toyotageek for the tip!

[Cars at Carlisle via Toy700and800 Group]

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3 Responses to 2009 Carlisle Imports Welcomes the J-Tin

  1. Ken said:

    Check out the 2008 pictures in the Forum under events.

  2. 88TSI_Rob said:

    Sweet, I’m in!

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