2009 Canby: A 240SX Retro Oddity

Some of you have no doubt heard of the Canby Datsun Show that took place this past weekend up in Oregon. Well this year there was the fine assortment of eye candy Datsuns and eyesore Ratsuns, but one truly bizarre 240SX Retro Oddity showed up in Glow Green to stun the crowd:


Not having spoken to the owner/creator of this of this Frankenstein, we can only guess as to the reasoning behind it.

Perhaps it was a trick to get his 240SX into a Datsun show? Who knows? Ok, so if the owner of this special vehicle cares to step up and explain himself, inquiring minds would like to know why … WHY?


Oh, here’s a nice Canby ’09 Gallery if you want to see “normal” Datsuns.

credit: various Ratsun folk

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22 Responses to 2009 Canby: A 240SX Retro Oddity

  1. Sr-FairladyZ said:

    Interesting, to say the least. ?

  2. Kev said:

    Alrighty then…..so if a Silvia nose and 180SX body is a Sil-80, and that is a 180B nose with a 180SX tail…so that makes it a 180-80?

  3. i’d call it a 610sx.

  4. Ben said:

    isn’t that the prototype for the new “retro” Nissan? 😛

  5. BlownArrow! said:

    Doesn’t look to bad, I’d lose the side skirts, change the paint to gun gray, and use a set of vintage wheels… I can kind see where he was going with it…kinda?

  6. banpei said:

    @kev The Japanese name for the 180B was Bluebird, so I would call it a Blue-80 then!
    Perhaps this would have been a better car for Impact Blue than that Sil-80. 😀

  7. Bob said:

    Intriguing idea, if only the body lines didn’t clash so badly.

  8. Joe said:

    @ Bob, I agree..maybe if that fender gap was smaller and the tops of the fenders were cut to fit it would look pretty good

  9. Chewy said:

    THAT IS HORRID!!! I’ve owned several 240s and would love to own some awesome ole school Datsun’s. I guess to each his own.

  10. nlpnt said:

    Reminds me of the ’90s Thunderbirds with ’49 Ford noses and tails. Yes, I’m using the plural for a reason- someone offered (still does) a fiberglass conversion kit.

  11. colink said:

    yuk but not to my taste

  12. slickwrick said:


    im confused!

  13. nao said:

    It is from Japan and I am too interesting and always take it happy

  14. _John said:

    Glad to see some pics of the car after it got sold. I saw it on CL not to long ago (thanks to Ratsun.net) and then it disappeared. Looks like it got bought and painted.

    Honestly, if it weren’t for the ill-fitting fenders I’d rock it. Would definitely make an interesting drift mobile. Much better than that trans-am 240.

  15. ddgonzal said:

    Hey that’s my photo! At Canby I spoke with the owner, a nice guy named Alvin from Vancouver, BC. He told me it happened when the 240SX got wrecked in the front … and he had the 610 parts car, and so tried it. He called it the “240-610”. More photos in my album at http://s297.photobucket.com/albums/mm219/ddgonzal/Canby%202009/?start=80

  16. datsunfreak said:

    Personally, I hate it. But I’d love to have that front end for my 610, so maybe it’s jealousy talking… 😛

  17. Chris said:

    hey..an amzing piece of engineering..wow!!!…i wud love to see it in freal. This guy is a genious and we hope to see more from u bro…awesummmm!!

  18. TJ said:

    That guy is actually from Surrey, British Columbia. Ugly ass car, use to have an rusty orange front, and a blue 240 side with white racing stripes

  19. jon said:

    this is a very ugly car just take it to the junk yard with the owner(scammer)

  20. TG said:

    LOL why would you ruin a perfect car like that?? aha wow. i Think Frankenstein is the right name for this car… Throw that in the Junk.

  21. alveen[surrey bc canada] said:

    thanks alot for yr comments ppl and to those who were in favour of my creation.
    those with the harsh comments,try and build one yrself then u will realise how it feels putting yr interest,love and hard work in something special.

  22. chamoagne240sx. said:

    hey i took a picture of that 240 on my iphone! when i saw it in guilford mall surrey! ahha it must be the same one ! correct me if im wrong. its different but looks good i own a 240 and looks nothing like it!

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