1981 Toyota Celica Supra at Survivor Car Show

A car show that only allows survivors? Awesome concept. If a car has been modified or restored, it is not eligible for the Survivor Car Show in St. Charles, Illinois. In other words, it’s for either OCD obsessives or incredibly fortunate barn raiders. For us enthusiasts, it’s a rare opportunity to study the classics exactly as they were when they left the showroom lo those many years ago. In a recent Detroit News piece about the event, the focus was on Mike Metrick’s 1981 Toyota Celica Supra.

If we were going to preserve a MkI Supra, Metrick’s 24,000-mile two-tone beauty would be the one. He‘s only put 5,000 miles on it since he bought it eight years ago for $9,000. Why? Because it was like the car he owned in high school. The giant spoiler with “TOYOTA” emblazoned across the back must be a rare piece these days.

Though the Supra was one of only two Japanese cars out of a field of 100 (the other, strangely, was also a Supra, albeit from from 1988), its highlighting in the article is encouraging for the Japanese collector scene.

Hat tip to cesariojpn.

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7 Responses to 1981 Toyota Celica Supra at Survivor Car Show

  1. Nigel said:

    A rare beast.
    (I saw one once with a V8 transplant).

  2. bert said:

    I had a friend in middle school, who’s mom drove one EXACTLY like that! Hers was pristine too, I used to think how lucky he was to be driven to school every day in that car. Well, his mom was pretty hot too, might have had something to do with the jealousy!

  3. Camshaft said:

    Isn’t that a MKI Supra, not a MkII?

  4. Toyotageek said:

    Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    This is the kind of vintage metal JNC I like to see.
    Survivor. I think I can learn to like name that as a category. ;-P

  5. Ben Piff said:

    Reminds me of this badboy I’d meant to show you Ben! Not sure if this is as rare, but every bit as cool. http://www.oldparkedcars.com/2010/12/1981-toyota-celica-supra-turbo.html

  6. RWDOnly said:

    My ’87 Nissan S12 200sx XE notchback coupe, with 80,000 miles would fit right in… all we did was wet-sand it to bring back the shine.

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