1978 Mazda RX-3 Savanna of Undiluted Evil

mazda rx-3 savanna
We don’t really have much to say about this menace to all that is innocent and pure, except that it’s hewn from brimstone and the nightmares of children. Imagine this ’78 Mazda RX-3 appearing in your rear view on a moonlit night with 12A howling. Even Cthulhu would cower in fear.

[Image: Katuofusitarou]

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21 Responses to 1978 Mazda RX-3 Savanna of Undiluted Evil

  1. E-AT_me said:

    hmm. i think i could clear out the cubicle next to me and place that there. don’t know if the boss would like it.

  2. Nigel said:

    I think even some of the Z’s that I have seen around would give way to that machine.

  3. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    Lord Vader,your Mazda is ready.

  4. Brad D. (TSiSS350) said:

    Whoa…. slightly narrower (and I mean slightlly, like one inch) wheels and that would be perfect! We need more pics!!

  5. Sr-FairladyZ said:

    That’s my Pastor’s car! Now I know where that collection plate money has been going! It also explains why those wafers always taste like oil and gas. 😉

  6. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    Black Beauty! Love the steelies on it!

  7. S30GTR said:

    wheels stick out too far and the tires are too small, other than that it’s sweet.

  8. Sarcasmo said:

    If that lip were any more protruding.. it can qualify as a snowplow. :p

  9. j.a.c.k said:

    Man, that RX-3 is so evil it just totally stole my lunch from the break room fridge!! 🙁

  10. BlownArrow! said:

    Wicked man wicked!……… I would totally roll in that dressed as “Darth Vader” 😀

  11. Moises said:

    cthulu cowers at NOTHING
    OT: that mazda is DOPE!

  12. bert said:

    I would hate to be around when those tires blow off the rims! Is the guy who did the stretching still around?!

  13. Kev said:

    My god…look at the wheels sticking out at the back

  14. Alan said:

    Good lord that is HOT.

  15. 2000gtx said:

    not enough rust and the paint matches

  16. pumaone said:

    I think i just wet my pants

  17. slickwrick said:

    id roll that!

    not only will it scare the shit out of racers in the canyons, id bet it break necks too!!!


  18. joe said:

    if he matched the paint on the headlight surrounds with the black on the rest of the car and lowered it just a bit, it would scare Darth Sidious

  19. LloyD said:

    tires and wheels are perfect
    needs to be dumped NOW !!!

  20. LloyD said:

    with that stretch on those beautiful steelies it will sit perfect once its on the ground 🙂

  21. Jarod said:

    That RX-3 is so bitchin. Give me one of those, a 240Z, and a KPGC10 Skyline, and I’ll never want for anything more. Old School is alive and well…

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