2000GTs Are Forever

2000gt Last week we told you about Toyota USA’s very own blog. Well on that blog, as part of their countdown to the 50th anniversary celebration on October 31, a retrospective of significant Toyotas will be highlighted, the first of which is the 2000GT. We’ve cast many words into the electronic ether over this amazing automobile in the past, so we’ll let Open Road take the helm.

Of course, the one thing you will never hear us mention in any article about the 2000GT is its minor role in a laughably ridiculous series of movies about some British chap with a pistol. We understand that the unwashed may need the pop culture reference to orient themselves, but we think the car stands just fine on its own. Let’s just say that a current viewing of the film – which features both a bald, gray-suited, parody-ripe villain who builds a spaceship to usher in WWIII and a plastic surgery operation that turns Indiana Jones’s father into a Vulcan – proves it does not stand up to the test of time nearly as well as the machine itself.

[Source: Toyota Open Road Blog]

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