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My good friends at Japanese Nostalgic Car reminded me the other day that I hadn’t unpacked my bags from Japan yet! In their blog, Ben and Dan were given a little mystery toy as a gift, and I’d totally forgotten that I’d bought a whole bunch of them for GrandJDM readers!

Click on to see how you can WIN!!

You see these all over Japan; in toy stores, in vending machines and even petrol stations. Many of these lucky-dip toys are anime, or cartoon characters, like my little Kaneda here from the Akira cartoon.


Of course you end up buying 10 Tetsuos before you get a Kaneda, but that’s how it is, and it is a little bit like Japan’s version of Kinder Surprise. But er….without the chocolate….and the sucky little plastic toy.

But Japan being Japan, there are car versions of these lucky dip toys too. So you get these sets which you can buy, and inside you don’t know if you will get the Hakosuka (yay) or perhaps the Fairlady 2000 Roadster (boo). And it is possible that you will keep getting nothing but Fairlady 2000s in your fruitless quest to get the Hakosuka.


The ones I bought for our reader competition are the Nissan Racing Car set:


We got two chances to win the Hakosuka!

…and the Skyline Histories set:


I wonder what the “secret” car is…maybe it’s in one of the boxes! (oooh)

…and the History of Fairlady Z set:


Now it turned out that some douchebag in Japan opened one end of one of the Fairlady Z boxes, so I already know that it’s a 350Z….but the others are still unopened, and a complete mystery. You can find out more about these mystery toys (well one of the brands anyway) at their website:


350Z comes with ball of delicious JDM chewing gum

To enter, SEND US AN EMAIL with your street address and er…I’ll do something vaguely random, probably involving a hat of some description to choose the winners. Only one entry per person, of course. We’ve got a few of these suckers to give away (but the Akira stays mine!)

Entries close Thursday the 14th February at Midnight Australian EST. The only favour we ask is that if you win, could you please take a pic of your toy so that we know what it looks like!

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12 Responses to Win Mystery JDM Toys!

  1. Lupus says:

    May I take part in that contest if i live in Poland (middle Europe) ??
    If i win it could be a bit hard to send the prize 🙂
    Aside from that, i’am wondering if there avalible any types of car miniatures of Daihatsu cars like Charmant od Applause? Anybody know something?

  2. DiscoQuinn says:

    Ohh, fun I’m entering.

  3. Kev says:

    The contest is open to non-Australian readers too. If you win, I will put your prize in an envelope and mail it to you.

    The Real-X range is here, and I don’t think they do Daihatsu:

  4. leongsoon says:

    I’m in Malaysia, so I’m not sure if I’m elligible, but I sent an email anyways :p

  5. DJLotus says:

    Hope I win sommin!

  6. Racepauly says:

    I’m IN
    I just emailed you, THX

  7. Kev says:

    Yes Malaysians are eligible 😀 Boleh!

  8. Organic Zero says:

    Is it open to people in Brazil? If so I’m in 😀

    Finaly a chance to have something JDM on this JDM God forgotten land!

  9. Kev says:

    Yes. If you win, I will mail your little car to Brazil. If, perchance there is some restriction on importing JDM toys and the Brazil Post Office takes it away then that is out of my control 😀

  10. solidstripe says:

    So want the Prince Skyline, or the KGC110!

  11. the12for12 says:

    *2 thumbs up*

  12. Organic Zero says:

    the post office here can be a true pain sometimes, but toys the let slip by unnotice most of the times… in the end, if a problem happens I’ll deal with it 😀

    Raiding a post office shouldn’t be that hard 😛

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