WILDLIFE: A Land Cruiser and Skyline GT-R become buds

You know those animal videos where a dog and a tortoise become friends? That is what this in-the-wild spotting of an R34 Skyline GT-R and a Toyota Land Cruiser in Yokohama reminded us of. Each one has come to represent the pinnacle of enthusiast vehicles for their respective brands. Nissan’s fans today are pretty much all about the GT-R, and Toyota’s are all about off-roaders. Who would’ve thunk?

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8 Responses to WILDLIFE: A Land Cruiser and Skyline GT-R become buds

  1. BlitzPig says:

    They even share a similar price structure on the used market!!!


    • Professor Khattak says:

      The 60 series Land Cruiser has become an icon. J40 is also a favourite. I think nostalgia and multiple on and off road uses have contributed in making these relatively oldish vehicles very popular. I bought a 60 series Cruiser for someone who had kept it for 28 years. The family almost wept when I was driving that away. Stay blessed friends

    • Ar says:

      Uhhh no. Skyline GT-Rs are sooo expensive now. Especially the 32 and the 34 GT-Rs. Remember, we are talking GT-Rs here not the non-Gtr skylines. One of most pricey R34 GT-R so far was around 500k – 600k USD. You can buy tons of L.Cruisers for that money.

    • Ar says:

      Uhhhm no. Skyline GT-Rs are very expensive now especially the 32 and 34 GT-R. Remember, we are talking GT-Rs here not non-Gtr skylines. Some of the most expensive BNR34s are around 500,000 – 600,000 USD. You can buy tons of old and new Land Cruisers with that. LOL.

      • BlitzPig says:

        By structure I don’t mean exact pricing. I mean that they are both at very high, and for anyone with a brain, stupid levels of cost.

        These are Nissans and Toyotas we are talking about here, not Ferraris and Bentley Bentaygas.

  2. Vballin says:

    How about Pankun and James?

  3. Phillip Geyer says:

    Hi I own a100 series
    Limited adition.4.2 turbo diesel
    Auto box 1998 model straight import
    Cant find awire loom for it help please

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