VIDEO: No matter what “it” is, the Land Cruiser gets it done

Toyota has released a short film about the Land Cruiser, and it is pretty epic. The two-minute movie features clips of 70-Series Land Cruisers around the world, simply going about their daily duties of ferrying people and cargo. But as a result, they connect even the remotest corners of Earth to civilization. We challenge you to watch the video below and prevent yourself from searching for Land Cruisers for sale.

The rigs in the video aren’t just limited to bone stock showroom models you see in typical car commercials. They’re modified, damaged, and dirty. And with the J70 Land Cruiser having debuted in 1984, many are extremely old. However, they’ve proved so popular that they have basically soldiered on for 35 years essentially unchanged, and still sold new in many markets. It was so popular, in fact, that Toyota even brought it back for sale in Japan in 2014. I might be an off-road noob, but videos like these make me want to go off the grid and say goodbye to society forever.

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4 Responses to VIDEO: No matter what “it” is, the Land Cruiser gets it done

  1. BlitzPig says:

    And yet again, WE DON”T GET IT HERE!!!

    It’s just maddening.

  2. Lupus says:

    As fun-fact:
    Here in Poland the old Land Cruisers are keeping their value the most from all oldschool off-roaders. A Land/Range Rover can be bought for bargain, old Wranglers are non-existent on this market, almost all Patrols and Samurais have converted for serious off-road-rally crawlers. Daihatsu Rocky seems to be too much of a novelity for most people around here. And a LC can still be found here in stock form – mostly with corroded body – but running. A late ’80s LC’s are (regardles of the condition) as expensive as well maintained LS400/Celsior.

  3. Nigel says:

    Weapon of Win…in South Africa !!

  4. Eric Hyland says:

    Really cool video.Always loved the cruisers.In some countries the cruiser is a mater of life or death,Some day i’ll own one.

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