The Periodic Table of Sports Cars

Car & Driver posted this humorous take on the Periodic Table where the elements are sports cars instead. It looks like some nostalgics are represented, albeit in the “Reliable Transportation Metals” category. Better than the Poseur-oids, we suppose! Click on the image to view a larger version.

[Car & Driver via Autoblog]

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10 Responses to The Periodic Table of Sports Cars

  1. Jimbo says:

    Like it, especially the “poseur-oids” When I first saw the Plymouth Prowler, etc. on the list I thought “wait a minute, those are not sports cars”, but then I saw that they were in the poseur-oid group and it made sense.

  2. Kevin Lee says:

    theres some J tins, lol

  3. Victor says:

    XD this is awesome. It should be made into a shirt

  4. yhlz says:

    only the J-tins were classifided as “reliable transportation metals.” NICE and very TRUE.

  5. Komeko says:

    Someone seems to have forgotten to look up the definition of “sports car” before making their little chart, because more than half of the listed vehicles are touring cars, grand touring cars, exotic cars, and pony cars, which may be “sporty”, but are not “sports cars”. Fiero? Avanti? Quattro? 328? And all of the poster fodder cars.

  6. Tyler says:

    I agree with Komeko. There should be a hot hatch section, too.

  7. Chris says:

    Toyota did pretty well, with the MR2, Supra, LF-A and 2000GT represented. Too bad the Celica didn’t make the cut.

  8. KA710 says:

    Datsun 2000???? and Nissan Z??? …… … that’s it???? …….. … but there’s no shortage of Lancias and Porches

    What do you suppose they mean by Datsun 2000??? …… . is it the Roadster convertible???

    They could have said Datsun 1600 …. .. which would let the Aussies think it’s a 510…. and the mainlanders can think it’s a 1600 roadster vert

  9. Komeko says:

    Tyler, you missed the point. A sports car is a small, low, open top, two seat car with a good power to weight ratio. Anything on that list with a hard top, four seats, four doors, etc., does not belong on a list of sports cars. Marketing has applied the phrase sports car to everything that is not a sports car, to the point that it is surprising that they did not include the Cadillac Escalade. No, there should not be a section for hot hatches, because those are not sports cars. The periodic table should be pruned of all the Lamborghinis, post-1969 Ferraris, everything built by Bentley or Cadillac, every Porsche except the 356 Speedster, and all of the Vector-Shelby-Gumpert-Spyker-Ultima-Mosler crap that is not a sports car.

  10. Kuroneko says:

    I score a 3 and an 11, and would be quite happy with a 31…

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