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Japan’s oldest domestic bus is now on display at a Nagoya museum

Japan’s oldest surviving domestic bus is part of a new exhibit at the JR Tokai Maglev & Railway Museum in Nagoya. In fact, it’s so significant that it was the first bus to be designated as an important cultural asset … Continue reading

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Japan’s first railway began operating 150 years ago today

One hundred and fifty years ago today, Japan’s first railway opened. The line connected Shimbashi, Tokyo to nearby Yokohama, a distance of just 18 miles. Pulled by a British-built steam locomotive, the trip took 53 minutes non-stop. The train made … Continue reading

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The Twilight Express Mizukaze is the Toyota Century of trains

Today is Railway Day in Japan, established to commemorate the opening of the country’s first rail line, which connected Tokyo and Yokohama on October 14, 1872. Nearly 50 years later and exactly 100 years ago today, on October 14, 1921, … Continue reading

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A train station in Japan now plays the Seibu Keisatsu theme song

Starting February 20 of this year, Kokuryo Station, located in Chōfu, Tokyo, will adopt the Seibu Keisatsu theme song as one of its platform jingles. The change is a tribute to Ishihara Pro, the production company responsible for some of … Continue reading

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Happy 710 Day from JNC

Since this year’s July 10 is the day that the famed Odakyu 7000 Series Romancecar makes its last official run after 38 years of service, we thought it only fitting to celebrate 710 Day with the rail-themed 1974 Datsun 710 … Continue reading

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Japanese Nostalgic Train: The iconic Odakyu 7000 Series “Romancecar” makes its last voyage

Imagine a classic Japanese vehicle, avant garde in its time, beloved by fans, and part of a record-setting and influential legacy. For fans of Japanese nostalgic train, that vehicle is the Odakyu 7000 Series LSE Romancecar. Since 1980, this Japanese … Continue reading

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