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Is Kanye West a closet JDM car enthusiast?

Kanye West’s lyrics have not been kind to Japanese cars. Not only are they jammed with references to typical rapper fare like Mercedes-Benzes and Lamborghinis, he often rips on cars like Nissans and Toyotas. But a recent spate of West … Continue reading

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1970 KE10 chases Toyota GR Corolla in new ad that is cringe

In Toyota’s latest ad for the raucous GR Corolla, a cameo by a 1970 KE10 almost threatens to steal the show. Not only that, but there are several references to past Toyota commercials, some obscure enough that only Toyota nerds … Continue reading

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Toyota Land Cruiser returning to the US market

Toyota quietly made if official late last night. The venerable Land Cruiser is making a comeback to the US market. After departing our shores at the end of 2021, it will be returning for what is likely the 2024 model … Continue reading

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A Quiet Greatness is a gorgeous, must-have book about Japanese cars

As much as Japanese cars have permeated automotive culture, they’ve been lacking in one important aspect: the coffee table book. Walk into any bookstore (if you can still find them in your town), and you’ll see gorgeous volumes on Italian, … Continue reading

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New Toyota Automobile Museum exhibit spotlights classic Japanese trucks

A newly opened exhibit at the Toyota Automobile Museum puts the focus on Japanese trucks of the Showa Era. “Road Transporters” hosts a number of workhorses from Toyota’s collection, ranging in age from the 1930s to the 1990s, with special … Continue reading

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Toyota 86 coupes drift through new Japanese cop show

A new Japanese police series promises a throwback to classic shows chock full of shootouts and car chases. Farewell, Gun: Metropolitan Police SGU is an 8-episode streamer that harkens back to old school standards of the genre like Seibu Keisatsu … Continue reading

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Toyota Stout name could be revived for sub-Tacoma pickup

Compact pickups are coming back. Former compact trucks have gotten so large that there’s now room at the low end of the market for smaller offerings. The catch is that this new crop of vehicles like the Ford Maverick and … Continue reading

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Wanton Toyota MR2 Spyder destruction proves takeovers aren’t about the cars

A couple in Tolland, Connecticut were heading home from a dinner in a Toyota MR2 Spyder when they passed through a street takeover on May 21. The crowd of supposed car enthusiasts ended up surrounding their mid-engined roadster and deliberately … Continue reading

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The Toyota MR2 strikes again in Eurovision 2023 and synth-laden music video

The AW11 Toyota MR2 has long been the car of choice for electronica-influenced bands. Maybe it’s something about the angular wedge shape and flip-up headlights that make it the go-to. Last week we posted about one of the most memorable … Continue reading

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Lovers kissing in Toyota MR2s is one of Japan’s most memorable TV scenes

So you thought the scene in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift where Sung Kang drifts through the crowd at Shibuya Crossing was the most famous car-related clip to take place there? Well how about the time when two lovers just … Continue reading

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The Toyota Automobile Museum has acquired a Celica XX, successor to a debated speed record

The Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan has a new acquisition, a 1983 Celica XX. We know it stateside as the second-generation Celica Supra but technically speaking this is a GA61, which is considerably different than the MA61 we got in … Continue reading

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Shoichiro Toyoda’s farewell memorial attended by 4,500 mourners, including Prime Minister

On April 24 three farewell memorials for Shoichiro Toyoda were held across Japan. The former Toyota Motor president passed away on February 14, 2023 at the age of 97. As is the custom, a private funeral was held for close … Continue reading

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Yukihiro Takahashi’s ads for Mazda, Daihatsu, Toyota Cresta and MR2

The seminal electronica band Yellow Magic Orchestra lost one of its founders, drummer and vocalist Yukihiro Takahashi earlier this year. Last week we remembered the band’s keyboardist Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Nissan commercials; now it’s Takahashi’s turn, and he was even more … Continue reading

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Japanese automakers jointly built five EV concepts for the Tokyo Motor Show 50 years ago

The conventional wisdom is that Japanese automakers are dragging their feet when it comes to EVs. It’s kind of a reductive statement that doesn’t take into account the fact that most are simultaneously exploring many zero-carbon propulsion systems, or that … Continue reading

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Bridgestone Super R.A.P., an aluminum wheel that looks like a steelie, revived

Bridgestone is reviving its Super R.A.P. wheel, once famous for being incredibly light weight. A mainstay of the Showa Era, it was originally released in 1987. Though it looks like a simple steelie coated in white, the Super R.A.P. was … Continue reading

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The Toyota Celica Liftback debuted 50 years ago today

On April 6, 1973 the Toyota Celica Liftback was born. It joined the lineup just two years and four months after the original Celica in Japan, though it wouldn’t appear in the US market until 1976. Thanks in part to … Continue reading

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Harry Bradley sketches Toyota Soarer, Isuzu Piazza, and Nissan Leopard

Remember the post about car designer Harry Bentley Bradley’s, uh, eccentric Infiniti J30? While Bradley was mainly known for designing hot rod and custom American cars and many early Hot Wheels castings, he also worked for a number of car … Continue reading

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Happy 4×4 Day from JNC

Today is 4×4 Day (April 4, or 4/4), and incidentally it was reported that the Toyota Land Cruiser J70 was returning to the Japanese market as a 3-Number class vehicle. These numbers, the smaller digits on top of Japanese license … Continue reading

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Toyota Celica revival is the “life’s dream” of new president Koji Sato

By this time tomorrow Akio Toyoda’s reign as President of Toyota Motor Corp will be over. He’s stepping aside and his protégé Koji Sato is taking over. Toyoda will be missed. When he took the helm the sportiest thing in … Continue reading

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The V10 Toyota Camry debuted 41 years ago today

The Camry we consider to the be the first-generation of Toyota’s hugely successful family sedan debuted in Japan 41 years ago today, on March 24, 1982. It almost seems like poetically tragic, seeing as how it came out yesterday that … Continue reading

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