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Friday Video: Kyushakai Drifters

There’s been a recent spate of videos in which cars built with old school bosozoku style take on the decidedly new art of professional drifting. Take a gander at the exquisite airbrushed paint job, for example, captured at Ebisu by … Continue reading

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Toyota Soarer Soars Through Your Computer

Good lord, this 1983 Toyota Soarer ad looks like a deleted scene from Tron. It’s almost as insanely 80s as this MkII Toyota Celica Supra commercial we found a while back. Just thought you’d like to see what a Toyota … Continue reading

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A Visit to S&A Auto Create

We’re still not finished with coverage from Japan. During our visit we had the privilege of visiting Kanagawa Prefecture’s S&A Auto Create. The owner has been doing modern engine swaps in older cars and fabricating the parts needed for almost … Continue reading

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Daikoku by Day

You’ve all heard of the stories of Daikoku Parking Area. On weekends, it serves as the gathering area for a multitude of Japan’s outrageous car cultures, from hashiriya street racers to bosozoku bikers to crazy vanners with more fiberglass than … Continue reading

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This is How the Bosozoku Roll

They say that the goose-step, ridiculous and inefficient as it may seem, became the march of choice for dictatorships around the world specifically because of its silly appearance. After all, only a terrifying madman could force thousands of able-bodied soldiers … Continue reading

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