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Kidney, Anyone? Actual J-Tin Toyota Crowns

Forget Tomicas and Choro-Qs, those are nice toys but the real money’s in J-Tin. No, not that J-tin, but actual toy cars from the 60s made of real tinplate. Most have friction motors inside that can move the car if … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Keishichou Satsujinka

Hallelujah, it’s Friday again! Here’s the opening to Keishichou Satsujinka, and if you think that’s a mouthful, in English it would be “Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department: Homicide Division.” It’s about a special inspector tasked with training Tokyo’s finest for the … Continue reading

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Toyota Motorsports History Video

It’s not Friday yet but in honor of known motorfan Akio Toyoda’s ascension to the top spot at Toyota, here’s a two-part video about the company’s motorsports history. Based on the intro with WRC ST185 and Ironman Stewart pickups, it … Continue reading

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Japan Grand Prix, The Early Days

Continuing on the motorsports theme, our next stop is at the Japan Grand Prix. This one comes by way of banpei and appears to be a DVD about the race. Unfortunately embedding was disabled so you’ll have to click on … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Mazda Luce Legato Smash!

Who knew that Mazdas could slice open a Nissan like a knife through hot butter? We have absolutely no idea what movie or TV show this is from, nor what is going on here, but it sure is zany! However, … Continue reading

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Japanese Backyard Collection of J-tin

This backyard stash of J-tin was just sitting about on a quiet suburban side street. The owner of this trove may not want to be revealed so I won’t mention any names, but he did say that the majority of … Continue reading

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Nos2Days Day 1 Sneak Peek

So this is why I’m in Japan and posting Friday videos on Thursday – the first ever Nos2Days show in Yokohama. As you might have guessed it lasts two days and is sponsored by the best selling Japanese classic car … Continue reading

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