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EVENTS: The Very Last Nisei Showoff

Way, way back in the day, nisei (the Japanese word for second-generation Japanese Americans) held informal cruise nights all over the greater Los Angeles area. They were some of the first guys ever to modify 510s, Celicas and the early … Continue reading

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The Ninja's Arsenal: 1968 Toyota Corolla KE10

Sai. Nunchucks. Shuriken. These are the ancient weapons of the ninja, lurker of shadows, trained in the arts of illusion, stealth and assassination. But did you know there was another closely guarded secret weapon in the ninja’s arsenal that has … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Mitsubishi Kei Car vs. Mustang II

Perhaps the Skyline vs. Cougar video from two weeks ago was a bit too much excitement for your delicate sensibilities. If so, this week’s video is another Japan vs. Detroit matchup that flexes considerably less muscle. In 1985’s My Lucky … Continue reading

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Slidin' Sunnys and Coastin' Corollas

We know not all JNC readers baby their nostalgics, so here’s some examples of nostalgics behaving badly from a couple of blogs we like. Nori Yaro‘s gallery of drifting remind us of the guys from the Japanese KE70 drift team … Continue reading

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More from the Tokyo Auto Salon

Speedhunters was at the Tokyo Auto Salon last weekend, and one of the many galleries they’ve assembled happens to cover the old school cars that were there. Perfect! The biggest concentration of classics came from the G-Works booth, like this … Continue reading

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Toyota Corolla, Nefarious Nepali Taxi

Bura’s post last week about Datsun B110 Sunnys still cranking away as taxis in Pakistan reminded me of this story about an E20 Corolla used as a taxi in Nepal. The versatility of old Japanese cars never ceases to astound … Continue reading

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Bay Area Toyotas at Performance Options Meet

Straight outta Oak-town, here’s some photos from an old school Toyota meet at Performance Options in Oakland, California. The crew hopes to make this a semi-regular gathering, welcoming all old school J-tin. Thanks to Miles Aquino and Justin Bonoan for … Continue reading

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E70 Corolla Drifting

Yeah, we all know the AE86 Corolla is practically synonymous with drifting, but what if you want something that stands out from the crowd? Check out the guys from MotorFix, who specialize in sliding the previous generation E70 Corollas. Naturally, … Continue reading

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