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PRODUCT GUIDE: Dixcel has an enormous catalog of brake parts for vintage Japanese cars

Parts for older Japanese cars are pretty hard to come by, but there’s at least one brake company that has made a point to produce as many parts for vintage cars as they can. At the recent 17th International Auto … Continue reading

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EVENTS: 2015 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 02 — Shakotan Boogaloo

In Japan, shakotan is simply means a lowered car. Many different styles of car can technically qualify as shakotan, but if we’re going to steal a traditional Japanese term, we might as well apply it to traditional Japanese cars. You know it when … Continue reading

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Toyota Celica Speedster at Woodward Dream Cruise

Since 1995, the Woodward Dream Cruise has taken over the streets of Detroit each August and is one of the biggest gatherings of muscle cars and hot rods on the planet. J-tin is a pretty rare sight at the WDC, … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Hairpin Circus

The Friday Video series has touched upon many great Japanese movies and TV programs celebrating the automobile. But while they made their cars brutish and macho and excellent for ramming criminals into submission, they never made cars sexy. Well, turn … Continue reading

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Retro Roundup: Mazda RX-7, Toyobaru 086a, Honda Prez

Despite a flagging global economy that’s hit Japan particularly hard and reports of the world’s auto manufacturers bailing on this year’s Tokyo Motor Show left and right this year, there are now some surprising rumors surfacing. If true, the 41st … Continue reading

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Japanese Backyard Collection of J-tin

This backyard stash of J-tin was just sitting about on a quiet suburban side street. The owner of this trove may not want to be revealed so I won’t mention any names, but he did say that the majority of … Continue reading

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Big Gallery of Airborne Nostalgics

One of our favorite recent threads has been “J-tin Raced in Anger” by JNCer Drew_TSi_Si_STi. From there we collected a subset of nostalgics that have briefly managed to divorce themselves from planet earth. Hang on tight, brace yourself for a … Continue reading

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Footage of Nissan, Mazda and Toyota Nostalgics

For your weekend viewing here’s some drool-inducing footage of vintage Nissan Skylines. Hakosukas, kenmeris, japans, you’ve got it all. Click through for another video with Z-cars, Celicas and the stray 810 Bluebird, Mazda Familia, Luce, RX-7 and Toyota Chaser. Thanks … Continue reading

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Bay Area Toyotas at Performance Options Meet

Straight outta Oak-town, here’s some photos from an old school Toyota meet at Performance Options in Oakland, California. The crew hopes to make this a semi-regular gathering, welcoming all old school J-tin. Thanks to Miles Aquino and Justin Bonoan for … Continue reading

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Classic Toyota Celicas at Fuji Speedway

And now for your viewing pleasure, some footage of some vintage Toyota Celicas tearing it up at Fuji Speedway. Love that mean green liftback! Beware, by the end you’ll be seeing double. [Chase the Horizon]

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