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The 1983 Nissan NX-21 concept was dead wrong about 21st century cars

At the 1983 Tokyo Motor Show the star of Nissan’s booth was a prediction of what an 21st century sedan might look like. Its hopes were right there in the experimental saloon’s name, the Nissan NX-21. As we know now … Continue reading

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This 1973 Datsun promo video makes us want to travel back in time

Created to introduce its audience to the Datsun brand, a 1973 Datsun promotional video serves up loads of drool-worthy imagery. The 20-minute short film presents a primer on Nissan history dating back to the 1930s before going behind the scenes … Continue reading

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A Hakosuka Skyline gets obliterated in ‘Did the Red Bird Escape?’

The 1973 film Akai Tori ni Geta? (Did the Red Bird Escape?) was an avant garde work that differed vastly from Japan’s typical crime dramas. Rather than heroic cops taking down bad guys, it was a tragedy about aimless youth … Continue reading

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Nissan Pulsar GTI-R, the company’s final WRC rally car, has been restored

Nissan has restored a Pulsar GTI-R Group A rally car from its own collection. The project was undertaken by a group of all-volunteer Nissan employees, about 115 in all, who worked on the WRC car during off hours. After spending … Continue reading

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Nissan Z Heritage Edition lands stateside to mark 55th anniversary of the Z-Car

The rumors were right. Nissan is celebrating 55 years of the iconic Z by bringing Japan’s much-praised Customized Edition to America. Inspired by the S30 Fairlady Z and Datsun 240Z, the 2024 Nissan Z Heritage Edition adds several styling cues … Continue reading

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Gran Turismo 7’s May update brings back original GT era classics

Gran Turismo 7‘s latest update is a real treat for those of us who grew up with the franchise. It introduces three iconic Japanese cars that were modern when the original game came out in 1997, and it’s almost hard … Continue reading

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Reebok Skyline GT-R wins 1991’s Japan Touring Car Championship

Nissan has released a video of the 1991 All-Japan Touringcar Championships, the sophomore year of the R32 Skyline GT-Rs domination. The R32 had proven itself as a force to be reckoned with the previous year, so there were no less … Continue reading

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Bayside Blue and Midnight Purple origins: How the Nissan Skyline GT-R got its most iconic colors

Earlier this year Nissan announced that two colors forever linked to the legendary Skyline GT-R would be making a return. Bayside Blue and Midnight Purple are available as paint options on special editions of the R35 GT-R. We recently spoke … Continue reading

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‘Return of Abunai Deka’ trailer promises car chases, gunfights, and the F31 Nissan Leopard

The dangerous detectives are back for a new movie to debut soon in Japan. Toei Studios has revealed a trailer for Return of Abunai Deka, the eight theatrical release in the series, which doesn’t include the original TV series that … Continue reading

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Nissan Z and GT-R will live to see another generation, says execs

Nissan is working on the next-generations of its two most cherished nameplates, according to a new report. Despite a hostile climate to traditional sports cars, the Z and GT-R will soldier on in a new generation, though it might be … Continue reading

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Honda and Nissan have inked a strategic partnership agreement

Back in 2019 the Japanese government reportedly tried to get Honda and Nissan to merge. At the time, both companies were said to have rejected the proposal right away. But now, a mere five years later, both carmakers have signed … Continue reading

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1993 Nissan AP-X concept by Marcello Gandini was rumored to be a Z32 successor

At the 1993 Frankfurt Motor Show Nissan debuted the AP-X, a sports car concept meant to blend driving pleasure and environmental responsibility. The futuristic coupe was penned by Marcello Gandini, he of Lamborghini Miura, Countach, and Lancia Stratos fame. There … Continue reading

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Life-size Nissan Silvia S14 recreated for car lover’s wedding

A Japanese couple recently went viral on social media for having a Nissan Silvia S14 displayed at their wedding. The car in the photo above isn’t just any S14, though. The groom’s beloved Silvia proved impossible to get into the … Continue reading

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Nissan puts classic Skyline, Silvia, Fairlady into the Metaverse

Nissan has opened a series of heritage car studios in the Metaverse to teach users about traffic safety.We have only the most rudimentary understanding of what any of that means, but if it means another way to experience classics like … Continue reading

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Tokyo Vice‘s cars elevate a pretty great yakuza series to something totally unprecedented

The yakuza series Tokyo Vice is currently on its second season. It’s not the most mind-blowing crime story, but one thing it has going for it is its excellent use of period correct Japanese cars. The series is set in … Continue reading

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Mitsuoka announces production of “M55” Honda-based Kenmeri Skyline

Mitsuoka announced on February 29 that it will put the M55, shown last November as a concept, into production. The M55 was built to mark Mitsuoka’s 55th anniversary and is based on a modern Honda Civic, but the body has … Continue reading

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NISMO twin-cam head for Nissan L-series straight-six unveiled

NISMO has been busy reissuing heritage parts for RB26-era Skyline GT-Rs, but recently they dropped a bombshell by building something completely new and unexpected for the previous generation of Nissan straight-sixes. In honor of the 40th anniversary of their founding … Continue reading

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Weds Racing Forg, Japan’s first forged 3-piece wheel reissued

In 1977 the Weds Racing Forg made history as Japan’s first 3-piece forged wheel. It immediately became popular among touring car race teams. To commemorate Weds’ 60th anniversary in 2024, the wheel company is remaking the Racing Forg in three … Continue reading

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Volk Racing TE37V celebrates 10th anniversary with exclusive finishes

It’s hard to believe, but the Volk Racing TE37V is at least a decade old. The wheel was developed by Rays to merge the iconic TE37 6-spoke with fitments for old school cars with smaller diameters and low offsets. To … Continue reading

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O.G. Nissan Skyline GT-Rs go for a relaxing afternoon drive

There isn’t much to this video, just a couple of O.G. Skyline GT-Rs at the track. Nissan calls the video a relaxing afternoon drive and the pace certainly appears leisurely. But pristine specimens of S20s on steelies snaking through bends … Continue reading

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