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Friday Video: TE71 Corolla Levin vs. S30 Fairlady Z

We have absolutely no idea what movie or TV show this car chase is from, but at least the scene isn’t dominated by the marque that forked over the most sponsorship yen. The main cars are a TE71 Corolla Levin … Continue reading

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More Vintage Wheel Ads: Techno, Yayoi, Etc.

We posted some vintage Japanese wheel ads a while back. Here’s some more spotted on Riverside. Many have a similar theme: modified OG J-ride, night time shot, the wheel in question and a glimpse of asphalt lit dramatically. The message … Continue reading

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Bonus Vid: Wangan Midnight 2009 Movie Trailer

Speak of the Devil Z! Here’s the trailer for Wangan Midnight, the manga, movie, video game and anime series that is now being rebooted with yet another remake on the big screen.

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Sold! 1972 Datsun 240Z for $2000

Yes, you read that right. $2000. Tipster John O. recently wrote that a friend of his bought this 1972 Datsun 240Z from the original owner, an old lady who always babied the car. She only let Datsun/Nissan dealerships perform work … Continue reading

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EVENTS: Z Car West Coast Nationals

More Zs than a week’s worth of transcripts from a beehive.

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Z-Car West Coast Nationals Registation

This year’s Z-Car West Coast Nationals is coming up (April 24-26), so if you plan on entering your nostalgic in the show, don’t forget to register by April 6! Past WCN coverage: 2007, 2008 <Register Here>

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Nos2Days Day 1 Sneak Peek

So this is why I’m in Japan and posting Friday videos on Thursday – the first ever Nos2Days show in Yokohama. As you might have guessed it lasts two days and is sponsored by the best selling Japanese classic car … Continue reading

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Goertz Myth Watch, Part III

We opened up a can of worms last month when we questioned the conventionally held belief that Albrecht Goertz designed, among others, the Toyota 2000GT and Datsun 240Z. If you want to see yet another misinformed article about this piece, … Continue reading

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More from the Tokyo Auto Salon

Speedhunters was at the Tokyo Auto Salon last weekend, and one of the many galleries they’ve assembled happens to cover the old school cars that were there. Perfect! The biggest concentration of classics came from the G-Works booth, like this … Continue reading

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New Wangan Midnight Movie in the Works

Recently in our forum there’s been an ongoing discussion about the Wangan Midnight movie from back in the days of VHS. The story of the Devil Z has also been retold in anime and its original manga form. Now it … Continue reading

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