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This 1986 Mazda 626 GT review is surprisingly similar to that of modern Mazdas

It’s almost eerie, but Motorweek‘s review of the 1986 626 GT could be describing a modern Mazda. Take out the prices and horsepower figures and you can basically copy/paste the parts about how it handles and feels into any Mazda … Continue reading

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Mazda Iconic SP patent application confirmed, complete with pop-up headlights

A patent for the Mazda Iconic SP has been filed with the Japan Patent Office. Renderings appear to adhere faithfully to the concept that debuted at the Japan Mobility Show (formerly Tokyo Motor Show) in October 2023. It even has … Continue reading

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Mazda CX-70: Why you’d get one over a nearly identical CX-90

We suspect that the Mazda CX-90 is, for nearly all of our enthusiast-minded — not to mention highly intelligent and super good-looking — readers, the best three-row SUV on the market today. Think Mazda handling. Now add an inline-six and … Continue reading

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‘Initial D’ Mazda RX-7 computer mouse slides across your desk with ease

If your computer mouse isn’t the fastest downhill peripheral on Mt Desktop, perhaps you need to upgrade to this Initial D one. Modeled after Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC  Mazda RX-7, the mouse is a dead ringer for the White Comet of … Continue reading

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Why the NA Mazda Miata OEM wheel has 7 spokes instead of 8

As has often been said, the original NA Mazda MX-5 Miata wheel was designed to evoke popular aftermarket wheels of the 1960s. However, as keen-eyed observers might note, all those wheels and the many copies they inspired have eight spokes. … Continue reading

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Mazda’s chocolate classics are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

It’s Valentine’s Day, and this year a set of chocolates by Mazda has suddenly jumped into the top spot for our most wanted present list. The company has created a set of eight delicious looking chocolate bars, each with a … Continue reading

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The Mazda MX-5 Miata turns 35 today

On February 9, 1989 one of the most influential cars of the 20th Century was unveiled: The Mazda MX-5 Miata. It was shown to the world at the Chicago Auto Show and kicked off a roadster renaissance, inspiring BMW, Mercedes-Benz, … Continue reading

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Mazda CX-70: When less should be more, but isn’t

We have a wad of money, ready to fork over to Mazda, yet they seem dead set on refusing it. The Mazda CX-70 was supposed to be our next family car, but after seeing it in person we aren’t so … Continue reading

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Mazda Familia Van with rotary engine swap shines at Tokyo Auto Salon

The RE Amemiya booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon always gathers a special display of rotary-powered cars. The legendary Mazda tuner typically has a fleet of heavily modified RX-7s and RX-8s to display with one old school Hiroshima sled thrown … Continue reading

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Restored S13 Silvia, Nissan Bluebird Cube, Toyota S-FR roadster: Incredible creations by Japan’s tech school students

NATS always has a big presence at the Tokyo Auto Salon but it’s not the only school with cars to display. There are many technical colleges across Japan that all get to display their projects at the country’s biggest custom … Continue reading

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Mini Kenmeri Skyline, Corona lowrider, slammed Jimny: the wild Tokyo Auto Salon customs by NATS

One of the most reliably entertaining booths at the Tokyo Auto Salon is that of NATS, the Nihon Automobile Technical School. The college teaches auto repair, but each year students get to indulge several far-out projects that end up on … Continue reading

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Mazda launches Spirit Racing as spiritual successor to Mazdaspeed

Mazda’s big news out of the Tokyo Auto Salon was the fact that CEO Masahiro Moro let slip that he was reassembling the rotary engine development team. That overshadowed the launch of Mazda Spirit Racing, but perhaps it shouldn’t have. … Continue reading

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Mazda Miata Roadster ND in “V-Special” BRG looks pretty sharp

There are lots of outlandish custom cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon, but sometimes it’s the simple ones that catch your eye. For example, a Tokyo shop named Cabana Racing has created an ND Mazda Roadster tribute to the NA … Continue reading

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Mazda rotary engine development team will reunite, CEO accidentally reveals at Tokyo Auto Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon is happening right now, and Japan’s carmakers have flocked to the event to show off their enthusiast-oriented offerings. Mazda was there to show off race and street modified Roadsters and 3 hatchbacks, but accidentally revealed some … Continue reading

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Adorable Mazda Miata slippers are a fun last-minute holiday gift

Looking for a last-minute holiday gift idea? These Mazda Miata slippers seem like an ideal way to keep your feet warm during the cold months. Who wouldn’t want to go sliding around their floors with a pair of NA MX-5s … Continue reading

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Mazda Luce owner is part of multi-generational rotary family

With the rollout of the rotary engine’d Mazda MX-30 underway in Japan, Mazda is doing a video series on owners of rotary-powered cars. The first is Mr Shimzu, who drives a second-generation Mazda Luce, known as the RX-4 in the … Continue reading

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Japan Automotive Hall of Fame honors Lexus founder, Honda F1 engineer, pioneers of four-wheel-steering

The Japan Automotive Hall of Fame has named four individuals to be inducted into their ranks. Each has been chosen for their contributions to Japan’s automotive industry. As with the four cars that were announced this year, there are names … Continue reading

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Japan Automotive Hall of Fame welcomes Nissan 510 Bluebird, Mitsubishi Pajero, Mazda 787B, and more

The Japan Automotive Hall of Fame has announced the inductees that will honored in its Historic & Heritage Vehicles category. The vehicles chosen have each determined to have contributed to the development of Japan’s automobile industry and car culture, and … Continue reading

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Mazda Iconic SP concept blends Miata and RX-7 into future rotary sports car

The Japan Mobility Show (formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show) is happening today, and Mazda is kicking things off with a bang. The Mazda Iconic SP concept presages what the future might hold for its sports car lineage. Problem … Continue reading

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Mazda teases next-gen Miata’s rear end

As we near the event formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show (now rebranded as Japan Mobility Show), Japan’s carmakers are releasing teasers of what they’ll be showing off. It’s Mazda’s turn, and they’ve announced that the theme for the … Continue reading

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