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Kidney, Anyone? 7700-Mile Toyota Celica, Kenmeri Skyline, and Gurachan Mazda RX-7

How many kidneys does a human body have, anyway? We’re car nuts, not doctors. Anyway, here’s a trio of interesting finds that crossed our paths over the long weekend.

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More Vintage Wheel Ads: Techno, Yayoi, Etc.

We posted some vintage Japanese wheel ads a while back. Here’s some more spotted on Riverside. Many have a similar theme: modified OG J-ride, night time shot, the wheel in question and a glimpse of asphalt lit dramatically. The message … Continue reading

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Rotorstock & Retro Show at Santa Pod

JNCer from across the pond, colink, sent us some photos of the recent Rotorstock and Retro show at Santa Pod Raceway in Bedfordshire, England. This beautiful blue Nissan Violet/1600 (aka Datsun 710) really caught my eye.

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Retro Roundup: Mazda RX-7, Toyobaru 086a, Honda Prez

Despite a flagging global economy that’s hit Japan particularly hard and reports of the world’s auto manufacturers bailing on this year’s Tokyo Motor Show left and right this year, there are now some surprising rumors surfacing. If true, the 41st … Continue reading

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Friday Videos: More SA22C Love

Since our post earlier this week was pretty popular, we thought we’d round out the week with some more old school SA22C RX-7 love.┬áHere’s a couple of vids. This first vid is from Japanese video car magazine Video Option. It … Continue reading

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Mazda Rotary Sports History Video

And now for your viewing pleasure, a video packed with fantastic footage as it covers the history of rotary-equipped Mazdas in racing. Part 1 is an overview that culminates with the FC RX-7, apparently the newest rotary car at the … Continue reading

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Daikoku by Day

You’ve all heard of the stories of Daikoku Parking Area. On weekends, it serves as the gathering area for a multitude of Japan’s outrageous car cultures, from hashiriya street racers to bosozoku bikers to crazy vanners with more fiberglass than … Continue reading

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OSCA Winner: Kiwi Series One Mazda RX-7

I’ve been on a SA22/FB RX-7 kick recently. I think it’s because the styling was so radical for its time, and the rotary engine suited that theme perfectly. It was practically born to race, and began taking checkered flags as … Continue reading

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Nissan Silvia Dies, But Mazda RX-7 Lives!

Oh noes! Our friends a The Motor Report, um, report that the upcoming revival of the Nissan Silvia is dead in the water. Anyone care to venture a guess as to why? Ding ding ding! That’s right, the correct answer … Continue reading

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Famous Toyota and Mazda Racers, JNC Issue 3 Sneak Peek

Time to check in with our friends at Speedhunters, who have had the fortune to see the famous yellow and green Toyota 2000GT land speed record car in person. If you’ve read Lifelong Pursuit, our profile about Shunichi Kasai’s Toyota … Continue reading

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This is How the Bosozoku Roll

They say that the goose-step, ridiculous and inefficient as it may seem, became the march of choice for dictatorships around the world specifically because of its silly appearance. After all, only a terrifying madman could force thousands of able-bodied soldiers … Continue reading

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