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‘Toyota’s Child’ is a novel in which Akio Toyoda time travels to meet his grandfather

A new book about Akio Toyoda has been published in Japan, but it’s not your typical biography. Eri Yoshikawa’s Toyota no Ko, which translates to “Toyota’s Child”, is a science fiction novel in which the current Toyota chairman travels back … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Akio Toyoda travels through time to talk to his grandfather Kiichiro

Apparently, in addition to making cars, Toyota has taken its substantial profits to invent and build a time machine so that its current president, Akio Toyoda, could go back to the 1950s an interview his grandfather, Toyota Motor Corporation. founder … Continue reading

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NEWS: Kiichiro Toyoda inducted into Automotive Hall of Fame

Toyota Motor Corporation founder Kiichiro Toyoda has been inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. When he was born in 1894, his father Sakichi was already on his way to becoming one of Japan’s most famous inventors, by devising an … Continue reading

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