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Honda S660 extends final production run, for the fans

It’s always good to hear a story about a carmaker doing something for the fans. Honda announced that sad news back in March that production of the S660 roadster would be coming to a close. That led to a spike … Continue reading

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A Honda NSX joins the Toyota Automobile Museum’s permanent collection

Last month the Toyota Automobile Museum unveiled a new addition to their permanent collection: a 1991 Honda NSX. As those who have visited the museum know, Toyota’s museum not just a showcase of Toyotas, but a comprehensive look at the … Continue reading

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Watch an original Acura NSX being slung around by an F1 driver

At last weekend’s US Grand Prix, Formula One drivers from the Honda-powered Scuderia AlphaTauri team got the chance to throw an original Acura NSX around Austin, Texas’ Circuit of the Americas. Though their driving was impressive, it’s almost funny because … Continue reading

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10-mile Honda CRX could be the most pristine example on Earth

A 1990 Honda CRX billed as the lowest-mileage example anywhere in the world has come up for sale. With just 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) on the odometer that claim is likely to be accurate, at least if we discount the … Continue reading

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This 400,000-mile Acura NSX’s owner is our new hero

When it comes to classics, bone stock examples with as few miles as possible are always going to fetch the most coin. But there is another way to live, and that is by putting the most damn miles a person … Continue reading

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The award-winning 1980s Honda Civic Si kicked off modern age of sporting Hondas

On October 24, 1984 Honda launched the original Civic Si in Japan. Based on the third-generation Civic that had debuted a year prior, the car packed an almost inconceivable amount of performance into a small and easily affordable package. It … Continue reading

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Honda brings out all the classics in new ad, “The Origin of Determination”

Every once in a while Honda will put out an ad that reaches deep into its past and pull out all the classics. Sometimes the results are downright beautiful, sometimes they’re terrible. The latest one, released today, falls somewhere in … Continue reading

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Honda is leaving Formula One with a retro livery homage to its first F1 car

Honda is getting ready to leave Formula One by year’s end on somewhat of a bittersweet note. After several years of disastrous results, Honda’s role as an engine supplier finally seemed to be turning the corner. Sadly, it was too … Continue reading

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After 53 years, Honda announces the end of air-cooled inline-four bikes

After over half a century, Honda will end production of its iconic air-cooled inline-four motorcycles. It’s a lineage that began with the seminal Honda CB750 Four, a bike that reshaped the motorcycling universe when it debuted in 1969. The announcement … Continue reading

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Acura files for Integra Type S trademark

Acura has filed for a trademark for the name “Integra Type S”. It’s been just two weeks since they melted the internet by surprise-announcing the return of the Integra nameplate in 2022, and now they’ve taken the additional step of … Continue reading

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Happy National Dog Day from JNC

There once was a time when the nose of a Honda was lower than the eye-line of a medium-large dog. Maybe there’s some weird camera angle thing going on here, but the truth is not too far off. It’s no … Continue reading

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The Acura Integra will return in 2022

Last time we checked, today isn’t April Fool’s, but apparently Acura is going to revive the Integra in 2022. That’s right, the 90s Tuner Era darling, perhaps even the platonic ideal of a sport compact, will be making a comeback … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The 1985 Honda Civic Wagon was the first crossover

Today’s market isn’t particularly kind to small cars, or cars in general, as the would-be small cars on stilts we know as crossovers dominate the sales charts. There was a time in 1985, however, when you could buy a literal … Continue reading

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KIDNEY, ANYONE? Jun Auto Mechanic’s 1996 Honda Civic

While Honda honors the history of the Civic with hidden easter eggs, celebrating it outright would entail driving a brightly colored screamer built by one of the powerhouses of Japan’s tuning world. There’s no better way to start off the … Continue reading

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The 2022 Honda Civic has a cool throwback Easter Egg

The 11th-generation Honda Civic makes a departure from the spaceship-like previous generation and leans toward the upscale, its angular lines replaced with a more sophisticated dynamic shape reminiscent of Acura. The new interior is said to “reimagine the clean and … Continue reading

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The City wasn’t the first Honda with a bike-in-car concept

If you utter the words Honda City to any enthusiast of Japanese cars, the first thing their brains will map to is the foldable Motocompo bike that lived in its trunk. Although it’s the most recognized execution of the bike-in-car … Continue reading

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VIDEO: A British-built Acura Legend just wasn’t the same

In 1987 the Austin Rover Group embarked on an interesting experiment. They would sell Acura Legend-based luxury sedans with Honda guts. Everything else would be developed in-house, and the result would be unleashed on an unsuspecting American public as the … Continue reading

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EVENTS: The inaugural Kyushu Kei Car Meeting

On Sunday April 25th the inaugural Kyushu Kei Car Meeting was held in Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture. I see a raised hand in the back there. “Inaugural” means, like, the first one? Well, yeah. Due to a glaringly obvious oversight, … Continue reading

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Enkei expands selection of Neo-Classic wheels

Enkei has added new variants for two of its iconic wheels in the Neo-Classic line, a selection of wheels that have evolved with modern production processes but still retain their classic form. The Apache 2 Neo and Mesh 4 Neo … Continue reading

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EVENTS: Ryu Asada Memorial Drive and Fundraiser

Ryu Asada was loved. By his family, by his friends, by his colleagues, and by the 200 people that showed up with a week’s notice to celebrate his life. The venerated Hot Wheels and Matchbox designer was taken from all … Continue reading

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