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Japan’s motorsports history unfolds at Suzuka Circuit in the 1960s

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Suzuka Circuit. Japan’s first full-scale race track. It was the brain child of Soichiro Honda, who so fervently believed in racing as a means to improve his motorcycles and cars, he carved out … Continue reading

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After 30 years Honda finally acknowledges “tuners”

One of the biggest mysteries of the universe will always be why Honda never capitalized on the whole “tuner” phenomenon of the 90s. Back in the era of front-wheel drag racing and underglow, car enthusiasts in the 18-34 age range … Continue reading

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How Honda celebrated 50 years of the Civic

Yesterday Honda launched the new Civic Type R, but the occasion was more than just the debut of Honda’s latest FF rocket. Honda also took the opportunity to celebrate the Civic’s 50th birthday with a lineup of multiple body styles … Continue reading

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30 years of Type R, 50 years of Civic converge into Honda’s next masterpiece

It’s been 30 years since a tiny red letter “R” appeared on a Championship White Honda. That car was the 1992 NSX Type R, an even more hard core, light weight, and track focused version of Honda’s already brilliant supercar. … Continue reading

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Honda Civic design sketch gallery traces 50 years of evolution

The Honda Civic debuted on July 11, 1972. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, let’s look back on five decades of design sketches that have helped shape the car. Spanning 11 generations, the illustrations are taken from various stages of development … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The 1999 Civic Si was peak Honda

Ah, the EM1 Civic Si, a jewel among jewels. The brilliantly engineered performance variant of the humble sixth-generation Civic was peak Honda. When it debuted in 1999, magazine reviews were unanimous in their praise. The Motorweek take could have been … Continue reading

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Acura Integra Type R driven by 86-year-old made new again

You hear about the “little old lady” driven sports cars still with their original owners, but how many of those stories are actually true? In the case of one Acura Integra Type R, the story is not simply myth. The … Continue reading

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JGTC-winning Toyota Supra, Honda NSX, and Nissan Z to celebrate 60 years of Suzuka Circuit

Suzuka Circuit is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and still going strong as one of Japan’s premier tracks. Later this month, Round 3 of the 2022 SuperGT Championships will be held at there. To celebrate its birthday, Suzuka is … Continue reading

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Best Motoring episode created using only Gran Turismo 7 footage

Despite some early (now fixed) issues, Gran Turismo 7 has proven to be one of the best installments in the PlayStation racing series. It’s a continuation of what made fans fall in love with the franchise in the first place, … Continue reading

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Kunimitsu Takahashi posthumously awarded Order of the Rising Sun for his contributions to motorsports

The Japanese government has posthumously awarded the Order of the Rising Sun to Kunimitsu Takahashi. The revered motorcycle rider and race car driver passed away March 16 at the age of 82. The Order of the Rising Sun is the … Continue reading

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Next-gen roundup: Supra gets a stick, Z goes racing, Miata has staying power

Conventional wisdom states that performance and sports cars are a dying breed. But, if we take a closer look at what’s stirring in Japan right now, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there hasn’t been this much … Continue reading

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Honda Super Cub honored by Japan’s Post Office

Spend any amount of time in Japan and you’ll eventually come across a red Honda Super Cub laden with bags zooming down a narrow street. These are the delivery bikes of Japan Post, the nation’s mail delivery service. Japan Post … Continue reading

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Importer selling entire inventory of 90,000 mostly vintage Honda parts

Consider this a JNC public service announcement. A defunct Honda importer is selling off its entire inventory of parts, numbering over 90,000 individual pieces. The items date back to 1974, and the majority of them are for Y2K or older … Continue reading

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Honda Prelude SiR now at bottom of ocean, thanks to Felicity Ace disaster

Earlier this year the Felicity Ace, an auto transport ship with thousands of cars on board was lost after a fire broke out. The majority were brand new models from the Volkswagen Group and its brands, but a new report … Continue reading

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ASIMO is retiring: A history of Honda’s groundbreaking robots

On March 31, 2022 Honda’s ASIMO robot is cleaning out its desk, turning in its badge, and collecting that gold watch on its way out the door. ASIMO is going to retire. After 22 years of delighting children, advancing technology, … Continue reading

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Kunimitsu Takahashi, legendary racing driver and grandfather of drifting, dies at 82

One of the greatest names in Japanese motorsports has died. Kunimitsu Takahashi, motorcycle rider and automobile racing driver, passed away on March 16 at the age of 82. In the final years of his life, Takahashi had been battling lymphoma. … Continue reading

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Honda Dax motorcycle revived, joins retro Super Cub and Monkey in 125cc fun club

Honda has been on a roll reviving its most iconic compact motorcycles. The latest one to join the party, the ST125 Dax, has just been released in Europe. As the name implies, it’s powered by the same 125cc four-stroke single … Continue reading

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Suzuka Circuit’s 60th anniversary Fan Appreciation Day

Over the weekend, Suzuka Circuit held its annual Fan Appreciation Day, a festival for motorsports enthusiasts of all stripes. The early spring event has always been an unofficial kick-off to Japan’s motorsports season, but this year it was a special … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Drifting in America has come a long way since 1998

Drifting was still a little-known underground activity in the United States back in 1998. However, that didn’t stop some of Japan’s most famous drift racers and judges from visiting southern California to see what the nascent scene was all about. … Continue reading

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VIDEO: It’s easy to forget how weird import drag racing was

Back in 1996 the idea of a front-wheel-drive Honda being anything but an economic commuter was still an alien concept to most Americans. But, it had grown big enough that even a public broadcast show like Motorweek was reporting on … Continue reading

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