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Honda City modernized for Tokyo Motor Show and it comes with a small bike

The Tokyo Motor Show is about to kick off, and Honda is first to the gates with a retro-modern concept. The Sustaina-C looks like a modern Honda City, and it was even revealed with a new bike, the Honda Pocket, … Continue reading

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American Honda Collection Hall officially opens at Honda HQ in Torrance, California

In Japan carmakers proudly display their wares at their company headquarters, but that’s not always the case for their American subsidiaries. For years, Honda kept their US heritage collection in a warehouse — a nice one — but one that … Continue reading

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Honda Motocompo revived as Motocompacto electric foldable bike

Honda has revived its foldable Motocompo city bike for the modern era. It’s called the Motocompacto, as trademark filing in 2020 revealed, and it’s a little bike that folds into a tidy rectangle. This time around, it’s electric. The original … Continue reading

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Tokyo Landscapes circa 1971

In 1971 NHK went around Tokyo documenting scenes of everyday life. The footage shows a vibrant city full of hope and possibility. From children checking out at Mazinger Z toys in a Ginza department store to advertisements for Bruce Lee’s … Continue reading

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Cruise through the streets of Tokyo circa 1970

Seeing old cars is one thing, but how about an entire city-full of what are today rare classics? A portable video camera would have been very expensive back in 1970, but luckily someone had the foresight to get one and … Continue reading

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Watch Honda co-founder Takeo Fujisawa’s induction into the Automotive Hall of Fame

Soichiro Honda’s name may have been on the buildings, but Takeo Fujisawa was just as important a figure in making Honda the global powerhouse it is today. As brilliant as Soichiro Honda was as an engineer, Fujisawa was equally talented … Continue reading

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Mugen celebrates 50th anniversary with Casio watch

In 1973 Mugen was founded to build race and aftermarket parts for Honda motorcycles and cars. Its racing engines, composites, and tuning parts have powered everything from Formula 1 cars to hooptie Civics over the decades. This year marks its … Continue reading

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Acura NSX Suzuka Circuit safety car is a tribute to beloved Hot Wheels designer Ryu Asada

It’s been a couple of years since Hot Wheels designer Ryu Asada passed away from cancer. His former colleagues at Mattel are honoring him with what is the most detailed 1/64 scale cars the company has ever offered. Fittingly, it’s … Continue reading

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Official Honda wedding rings for the extremely brand loyal

Do you love Hondas? Like really, really love Hondas? So much that you’d only marry someone that loves Hondas just as much, get married at the Temple of VTEC, and name your kids Grace and Jade and CR-V? Well have … Continue reading

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A Honda Civic Wagon was the sound of Raiders of the Lost Ark‘s iconic boulder

The Indiana Jones movies aren’t typically very car-centric, as most of them are set in archaeological sites that date back hundreds of years before a car was even conceived. However, you might be surprised to learn that in reality, a … Continue reading

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Honda CRX Si returned to family and restored to Tuner Era glory after 20 years

Anthony Pedatella’s 1990 Honda CRX Si was his pride and joy when he and his wife-to-be Marisa began dating in midst of the Tuner Era. It epitomized the style of the times, with a ZC twin-cam, Clarion stereo, and a … Continue reading

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A Quiet Greatness is a gorgeous, must-have book about Japanese cars

As much as Japanese cars have permeated automotive culture, they’ve been lacking in one important aspect: the coffee table book. Walk into any bookstore (if you can still find them in your town), and you’ll see gorgeous volumes on Italian, … Continue reading

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Toyota Camry vs Mazda 626 in 1983: History keeps on repeating

Motorweek was just two years old in 1983 when it decided to do a four-way test of five-door family hatchbacks. It’s not a format that stuck around — we’re talking about both the show’s comparo and the body style — … Continue reading

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The Honda Legend is Han Solo’s preferred transport on this remote backwater planet

The Millennium Falcon might be a fast ship, but when Han Solo visits a primitive Outer Rim world that has yet to develop repulsor technology the galactic smuggler needs to blend in with the locals. That’s why he chooses the … Continue reading

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The Honda Del Sol proves how important succession can be

The Honda del Sol is yet another car that was universally maligned by enthusiasts in its time, but is now endearing and legit. What octane-blooded driver today wouldn’t sacrifice a finger or two to have a car like the del … Continue reading

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Honda Motocompo and Cub EZ90 revived by Chinese EV bike company

At the 2023 Tokyo Motorcycle Show this week a Chinese company showed off two new products that pay tribute to Honda designs. Manufactured by Felo, their styling appears to be modernized takes on the Honda Motocompo and Cub EZ90. They’re … Continue reading

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Please help find this stolen Honda Beat

Friend of JNC and past contributor Darren Brooke unfortunately had his Honda Beat stolen on March 3. It’s bright yellow, has a Washington license plate of BWG3102, and is quite unique in that it has a hardtop. It was taken … Continue reading

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The ten most expensive Japanese cars sold on Bring a Trailer

Auction site Bring a Trailer is celebrating its 100,000 listing, and it’s a special one. The milestone car is the company’s own 1973 Datsun 240Z. Maintained by Z Car Garage of San Jose, California and fitted with a Rebello 2.7-liter … Continue reading

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Honda co-founder Takeo Fujisawa to be inducted into Automotive Hall of Fame

Soichiro Honda may have been the genius engineer behind Honda Motor Company, but brains alone can’t sell products. For that, Honda-san relied on his friend and business partner Takeo Fujisawa (from left to right: Kiyoshi Kawashima, Soihciro Honda, Takeo Fujisawa), … Continue reading

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Abandoned Japanese cars of the Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone

The Fukushima plant meltdown following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of 2011 was one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. Today, there’s an area of about 143 square miles that’s still part of the nuclear exclusion zone deemed unsafe … Continue reading

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