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Come join JNC at the American Honda Collection Hall this Saturday, Feb 17, for Cars, Bikes & Coffee

So the Honda Collection Hall is reopening in Japan, but if you can’t make it all the way to Tochigi, here’s a much closer option. The American Honda Collection Hall in Torrance, Calif. is opening its doors this Saturday, February … Continue reading

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Honda Collection Hall in Japan to reopen March 1, 2024

If you need another excuse to visit Japan, Honda announced today that the Honda Collection Hall will reopen March 1, 2024. One of the great car museums of Japan, the three-story building has been closed for renovations since the beginning … Continue reading

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Lego McLaren-Honda MP4/4 Formula One race car debuts this spring

Lego has announced a new large-scale kit paying homage to the legendary McLaren-Honda MP4/4. One of the winningest race cars in Formula One history, the car kicked off the McLaren-Honda team’s storied 4-year F1 Constructor’s Championship winning streak, which lasted … Continue reading

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Honda displays S800 rally car at 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

The 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon has kicked off, and Honda’s booth is overflowing with modified current-gen Civics and Civic Type Rs. One of the unexpected treats hidden among them, however, was a bright yellow 1966 Honda S800. The subject of … Continue reading

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Honda Super Cub art from around the world celebrates the iconic bike

At what point does a mass-produced consumer product become art? The Honda Super Cub has been in production since 1958 and proliferated the landscape of humanity by selling over 100 million units. There’s no arguing that the Super Cub is … Continue reading

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Hundreds of Honda SuperCub fans gathered to celebrate bike’s 65th anniversary

This year marked the 65th anniversary of the venerable Honda Super Cub. It also happened to be the 75th anniversary of Honda Motor Co. As such, the annual Cub Cafe Meeting at Honda’s headquarters in Tokyo had even more cause … Continue reading

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Marvel at Honda’s 1962 motorcycle manufacturing prowess, now in English

A few weeks ago we shared a wonderful 30-minute Honda promotional movie from 1962, just one year before they started building cars. The film went deep behind the scenes in Honda’s motorcycle manufacturing facilities, showing how raw steel and plastic … Continue reading

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Honda engines of street and circuit sound off at 75th anniversary event

As part of Honda’s 75th anniversary festivities this year, the Honda Collection Hall in Japan invited guests to listen to the sound of engines. Taking a series of classic motorcycles, cars, and racing machines from the museum, curators fired them … Continue reading

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How ‘Honda Red’ became the marque’s official color

This year marks Honda’s 75th anniversary as a company, and they’re celebrating in a very unique way. Honda is offering a colored pencil that is the exact shade of their official “Honda Red” corporate color. It’s the same red that’s … Continue reading

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Honda’s behind-the-scenes motorcycle manufacturing doc from 1962 is a must-see

Honda has released an astounding documentary from its early days of motorcycle manufacturing. The 34-minute This is Honda dives deep into Honda’s factories, depicting every step of the production process, from raw steel to finished bike. Arguably the most amazing … Continue reading

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The 1992 Honda Prelude Si 4WS came highly recommended, even in automatic

I never liked the fourth-gen Prelude’s styling. I remember thinking it looked like a squashed Oldsmobile, and that its profile was too far a deviation from the angular wedges of its predecessors. That belief was only confirmed when the fifth-gen … Continue reading

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Mitsuoka M55 drapes Kenmeri Nissan Skyline skin over modern Honda Civic

The ever-controversial Mitsuoka has released its latest concoction, taking the lines  of a beloved classic and shoehorning it onto a modern chassis. In this case, the modern platform is that of a Honda Civic, but which classic is it? English … Continue reading

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A Honda Prelude was Jean-Luc Picard’s Earth transport

When Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted on September 28, 1987 it was clear that this new show would be a departure from the occasionally campy escapades of the original. For one thing, the two-fisted antics from Captain James T. … Continue reading

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Japan Automotive Hall of Fame honors Lexus founder, Honda F1 engineer, pioneers of four-wheel-steering

The Japan Automotive Hall of Fame has named four individuals to be inducted into their ranks. Each has been chosen for their contributions to Japan’s automotive industry. As with the four cars that were announced this year, there are names … Continue reading

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Honda Prelude revived as electric sports coupe

The rumors have been swirling since around this time last year, but now it’s confirmed. Honda has revived the Prelude name on a new sports coupe boasting an electrified powertrain. While not a drop-dead stunner like the Mazda concept revealed … Continue reading

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Never before seen Honda concepts reveal sports cars that didn’t make it

To celebrates its 60th anniversary of building cars, Honda has shared some images of never-before-seen concepts. Like the unbuilt V8 NSX from the 1970s, these cars were dreamt up at Honda’s Wako, Saitama design studio. They have something else in … Continue reading

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Honda S500, S600, and S800 explored with no stone unturned: The First Honda Automobiles 1958-1970

In the volumes of information available on Hondas, most of it centers on cars of the 1980s and newer. There hasn’t been a whole lot written about the earliest models that paved the way for the Civics and Accords we … Continue reading

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Honda almost built a V8-powered NSX in the 1970s

Honda is unique among Japanese carmakers in that its first passenger vehicle was a sports car. The S500 roadster was released in October 1963, just months after the commercial T360, a small pickup that was their first four-wheeled offering. Sportiness … Continue reading

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Honda City modernized for Tokyo Motor Show and it comes with a small bike

The Tokyo Motor Show is about to kick off, and Honda is first to the gates with a retro-modern concept. The Sustaina-C looks like a modern Honda City, and it was even revealed with a new bike, the Honda Pocket, … Continue reading

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American Honda Collection Hall officially opens at Honda HQ in Torrance, California

In Japan carmakers proudly display their wares at their company headquarters, but that’s not always the case for their American subsidiaries. For years, Honda kept their US heritage collection in a warehouse — a nice one — but one that … Continue reading

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