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Friday Video: Nissan Skyline Japan, Subaru Leone, and a Helicopter

The 1979 cop show Detective Story¬†was hugely popular, and responsible for launching the career of Yusaku Matsuda. This clip appears to be a parody of the original, as it contains no Matsuda and adds a laugh track instead. Nevertheless, it … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Detective Story Corolla Crash

What is it about criminal masterminds? Even in Japan, they can’t just kill off the hero with a point-blank gunshot to the head. Instead they string him up to elaborate yet escape-able death traps, such as this runaway Toyota that … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Nissan Bluebird 610 vs Mazda Luce

From the Japanese TV series Detective Story comes this comical car chase involving Nissan Bluebird 610 and a Mazda Luce sedans. This is the same program that gave us the Mazda Cosmo AP vs Dump Trucks chase we posted a … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Detective Story's Mazda Cosmo AP

This week’s video is a clip from 1979’s Detective Story. The 27-episode series was a comedy-drama about down-on-his-luck private detective Shunsaku Kudo. You see, Kudo was once a good cop in San Francisco that somehow felt responsible for the death … Continue reading

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