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imG Old Skewl Meet

May 17, 2009, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA Southern California hardly ever disappoints for the sheer number of nostalgics it contains. Case in point is the Old Skewl Meet today in gorgeous (overcast) Mission Bay in San Diego. This was … Continue reading

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Bonus Vintage JNC Car Chase Video

While Seibu Keisatsu may be the quintessential JNC cop show, here’s another zany vintage car chase video floating around the internet. The following selection is from a movie but we’re not sure which title, so if you figure it out, … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Detective Story's Mazda Cosmo AP

This week’s video is a clip from 1979’s Detective Story. The 27-episode series was a comedy-drama about down-on-his-luck private detective Shunsaku Kudo. You see, Kudo was once a good cop in San Francisco that somehow felt responsible for the death … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Mitsubishi Kei Car vs. Mustang II

Perhaps the Skyline vs. Cougar video from two weeks ago was a bit too much excitement for your delicate sensibilities. If so, this week’s video is another Japan vs. Detroit matchup that flexes considerably less muscle. In 1985’s My Lucky … Continue reading

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Datsun Sunny, Prestigious Pakistani Taxi

According to one Datsun Enthusiast who was visiting relatives in Pakistan, one of the most prestigious taxis around is the Datsun Sunny B110 4dr. Yes, we’re talking currently, not 20-30 years ago. Here’s a nice example that was spotted last … Continue reading

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What Did You Do This Weekend?

Don’t cha just love it when you manage to get some free time over the weekend to spend with your car? While the JNC workhorse wagon is not exactly slammed like a mamma jamma, it is somewhat lower thanks to … Continue reading

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