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3DBotMaker’s JNC Tournament Round 2

Round Two of 3DBotMaker’s JNC tournament has aired and, man, I am disappointed in myself. By all accounts my Toyota 2000GT should have been fast — it was painted like the Yatabe record breaker after all — but I didn’t … Continue reading

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3DBotMaker’s JNC Tournament Round 1

Round One of 3DBotMaker’s JNC tournament is here, and it’s a nail-biter. We have a beautiful lineup of, by coincidence, color matched classics with a heavy white, blue and red theme. The race is run four times, with cach of … Continue reading

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3DBotMaker’s JNC tournament qualifying round

Here it is, the qualifying round for 3DBotMaker’s Japanese Nostalgic Car tournament. This race will set up the brackets and provide an idea of how fast the cars are. We had no influence on the tournament other than selecting the … Continue reading

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3DBotMaker’s JNC diecast racing tournament begins this weekend

We at JNC are excited to announce a partnership with 3DBotMaker, the premier diecast racing league. For the next four weekends, every Saturday the 3DBotMaker YouTube channel will be broadcasting the Japanese Nostalgic Car tournament, in which all the Hot … Continue reading

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