QotW: Which JNCs would live in your ideal two-car garage?

Having a huge warehouse of JNCs would be a dream, we can all agree. More realistically, though, our garages are restricted to just a couple of parking spaces if we’re lucky. If you were limited to just these spaces, and the cars had to be functional for your life, family usage, and so on (I would not recommend just tossing in two 2000GTs and calling it a day), how would you choose? Get creative, and find those JNCs that would make your motoring needs complete.

Which JNCs would live in your ideal 2-car garage?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the best video game car?

Like you, many of us has spent countless hours in front of a television, pressing down on a plastic controller until our thumbs are in pain, trying to squeeze that one last tenth of a second out of a lap. Lupus‘ memory of the Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo was perhaps better than that of the real car. Banpei learned valuable lessons about car setup from an AE86 in Sega GT. Dillan diligently spent his hours whittling down his lap time at Tsukuba Circuit in the Castrol JGTC Supra. Ant loved the absurdity of a Daihatsu Midget II in the Gran Turismo series. And Frank got to drive his unobtainium dream car in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5. However, the winner this week is Mr Bill, whose experience with an in-game car influenced his real-life driving.

The ’94 Nissan Skyline GT-R V – Spec II with the red Impul livery racing modification was my go-to in the original Gran Turismo and allowed me to destroy my brothers, my neighbors, and anyone else who dared to line up with me on the starting grid.
This car launched a life-long love for all things Nissan/Datsun. It’s why I always raced with Skylines and Silvias in the Gran Turismo series, sought after the Fairladys in Tokyo Xtreme Racer, and why I’ve owned and modified no less than 6 Nissans in my 22 years of car ownership, and why I have a ’75 280z in my garage awaiting a full compliment of loving upgrades.

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18 Responses to QotW: Which JNCs would live in your ideal two-car garage?

  1. RX626 says:

    Mazda CBAEP Lantis Coupe Type R and Eunos NA6CE Roadster.
    I like all JNC, but I must admit that I’m especially a Mazda enthusiast.

    Two ideals for me, that is Mazda in the 90’s.
    There is no doubt that one is NA Roadster. It is comfortable, rich in aftermarket upgrade parts, and a very fun car. It is the best machine among modern JNC.

    “Everyday car” bothered me.
    For example HC3S Luce is a only saloon with 13B Turbo. It is more practical than RX-7 and has fun of rotary engines.
    Also, Mazda Sentia is Mazda last VIP saloon.
    It has 4WS, and it can withstand daily use despite being a huge body. The V6 engine and comfortable ride are also attractive.

    But I chose Lantis.
    This car is a 5 door hatchback with practicality higher than saloon.
    And above all, this car is a longing car I have always loved on Gran Turismo. I someday wished to own this car.

  2. Andrij Mishalow says:

    1970 Series 2 Toyota Crown wagon – reliable wagon for the wife, 3 fur-babies and myself to drive around in. 4 speed floor shift of course.

    1973 TE 27 Levin for having fun in 🙂

  3. Frank says:

    The Daily Driver :

    Nissan Skyline R30 RS-TURBO Sedan

    It’s practical with it’s four doors. It’s fairy reliable (a must in a daily driver) and it parts are still available without too many problems. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to my weekend car choice. Of course it has to have 80s two tone paint (I love the Silver over Burgundy, not sure if it was exclusive to the 50 anniversary models or not) along with some nice period wheels.

    I can stretch it’s legs from time to time without having to worry about anything happening to it, it puts out decent power for a family car and it will get the right attention from those in the know.

    The Weekend Cruiser :

    Toyota 2000GT

    Not for the obscene value these cars hold today but because it’s still the most beautiful car ever to come out of Japan. I think my first exposure to the 2000GT was playing Sega GT on the original Xbox and I’ve loved them ever since. When most supercars these days will break the speed limit in 2nd gear (and get there in a few seconds) it would be nice to have something where you can move up through the gears without worrying about losing your license.

    I’d avoid going for the more popular colours and pick the understated looks of Atlantis Green paintwork. Yes I’d be scared to park it anywhere and leave it alone where I can’t see it but isn’t that the point of a weekend car? I won’t be going shopping in my weekend car. I’ll be heading into the mountains or down to the beach (but not for too long, that salty sea air and classic cars don’t get along!).

    Could I have picked something more attainable? Sure but why settle for anything less than perfection?

  4. Khoua Lee says:

    The Daily: 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4. Roomy. “Small” for what it is. Simple to maintain. Parts are everywhere.

    The Weekend Warrior: 1995 Nissan Skyline GTR R33 V-Spec. 1 year and 2 more months from this post and it’ll be 25 years old. Something with R33 that has always struck my mind since Gran Turismo 2.

  5. Ant says:

    As I usually do with these things I’m going to restrict myself to a fairly realistic budget as well as just realistic needs, and that immediately rules out all the obvious choices for filling at least one space in the garage – the Hakosuka GT-Rs, 2000GTs, Cosmos and the like.

    Car one: M2 1001

    The first would have to be one of the ultimate variants of the Eunos Roadster. I’d struggle to choose between the M2 1001 and the M2 1028, but I think I’d have to go for the earlier car for the more unique look – something to enjoy on weekends and track days. Realistically even one of these is probably above my budget, but a guy can dream, right?

    Car two: Mazda MX-3 V6

    For the other slot I considered something ultra-practical – a Mazda Xedos 6 or 9, or a Lexus LS400. I considered pragmatic coupe choices too – maybe a 2/3/4th-gen Honda Prelude, or a 4/5/6th-gen Celica. But like RX626, I’m going to double up on the Mazdas. Since I live alone I don’t really need the extra space, so I’d prioritise a coupe – and while an MX-6 would be nice, a drive a year or two ago in a pristine MX-3 put that permanently on my list. Don’t think I’d ever get bored of that small-capacity 1.8-litre V6.

  6. Dankan says:

    This is tricky. For the daily driver all I need is ability to move my family in comfort and safety in all weather. But a lot of the best Japanese nostalgics are outstanding because they are so good at blending those requirements with a sense of fun.

    So, let’s say an Integra sedan with a B18? Maybe the Japanese version without the bug-eye from end.

    I was going to go with something else on the small and funky side as my second car, but then I realized a 1992 NSX Type-R is now a nostalgic, so balls to that, let’s have a helping of some mid-engine magic.

  7. Eric Hyland says:

    my 82 hilux 4×4 and my ae86…..just need the garage.

  8. Bob says:

    1985 Supra P Type.
    1985 Toyota pickup 4x. No, not because of Back to the Future, but because I’m a fan of the solid axle.
    Any colors will do just fine.
    That is all.

  9. nlpnt says:

    NA Miata and ZZE193 Matrix XRS or Vibe GT. The latter isn’t quite in JNC territory yet but as a year-round daily driver it’s new enough to have really solid factory rustproofing, better than ’00s Subarus and way better than ’00s Mazdas or anything really old. Because not all of us live in SoCal.

  10. エーイダン says:

    For the Daily drive, and as the recreational vehicle, a 1979 Toyota Hilux Campervan (like the Hot Wheels car, the ‘Minitrek’ from the early ’80s) because it can go anywhere, including to work and in case of relatives coming over unexpectedly, you can take a piece of home somewhere relatives won’t be. Inside would be a stock of spare clothes, shaving kit, air mattress, shag-pile carpeting in case of needing to sleep inside in the winter time. Possibly an electric space heater hooked to a car battery. April Wine playing lightly through the stereo, or Tragically Hip, or Harlequin or any other music that suits me.

    For the more leisurely drive, I would want a bit of style, but something the ordinary man would not think to choose. What comes to mind is a 1975 Nissan Sunny Excellent GX (Datsun PB210 GX in North America) with a RB20E engine shoehorned into it. Customised with a front air dam, Katayama flares, 4-spoke ADVAN wheels, roll cage and a suichuka (flower in water in English) adorning the centre of the wood and bare metal steering wheel. Also, as if this fantasy weren’t vivid enough, a Hurst Shifter and hanging from the rear view, my Tomica of a stock Nissan Sunny Excellent 1400 GX.

  11. Pippin Osborne says:

    Only 2? I bet I could fit 4 Kei cars in am American 2 car garage.

  12. Dillan says:

    Only two cars is far too sensible for any true JNC junkie! Too much time on Craigslist has put 7 cars in my yard/garage, granted, only 4 of them are running cars. But if I was forced to cut back on my addiction, I’d probably have to choose my FC RX7 and mk2 4Runner. The RX7 is just such an exciting car with very high performance capabilities and an extremely intoxicating engine. FC RX7s make for great budget track cars that can still keep up with much faster and expensive cars and for that reason I would pick my FC over my other rwd cars. The 4Runner is my sensible choice, living in the mountains of Colorado it can go pretty much anywhere at any time of the year and it has plenty of room for anything life might require. Plus its a 90s Toyota, so I don’t ever have to worry about it, which is really nice when your other car is a Rotary.

  13. setto says:

    I have a 1gen Subaru Legacy Turbo and a 4gen Legacy GT in my garage. I really like the combination:) if I were to go with 2 jnc’s only I’d keep the 1st Gen and add an SVX:)

  14. VITOR DAVID says:

    I own a 1979 toyota hiace Van lh20 diesel. Its very tidy for a 39 years van with 220.000 kms that i use daily
    At weekends i drive my 1988 toyota celica st165 4wd american import with 55.000 miles.
    Both are vintage toyotas but with different uses
    I am greatful for what i got and plan to change this setting

  15. ahja says:

    Love those Venusfort exhibits. Its a really cool style. Taking into account the passage of time that will occur before I have a 3 car garage (because wife will demand a spot as they do), AE86 and LC500 sounds pretty nice. I already have multiple 86s though so…

  16. Jayrdee says:


    The daily commuter / weekend warrior is a RHD AE86. And then the family hauler would be a J60 Land Cruiser. It has to be a big SUV so I can also haul all my music gear around as well.

    I already got the AE86 🙂 So now I just need the Land Cruiser.

    And to bend the rules a bit, since the AE86 is so small, I’d also try and squeeze a 70s Honda CB cafe racer in the garage too.

  17. speedie says:

    I like the two-car limit since I only buy cars to drive and as I am not rich, two collector cars is about all I can afford. Here are my choices:

    1979 Mazda RX-7 in any color with the plaid interior. Since buying my first rotary about three years ago I have become enamored with the engineering Mazda put into this crazy idea of an engine. I also like the simple clean lines of the first generation. This is the car I would drive the Tail of the Dragon in. I can already feel the light weight body floating through the turns while my mind is processing the sweet sound of twin Doritos spinning at 6,000 rpm.

    1985 Toyota Supra P-Type in red, black or white with burgundy cloth interior. I owned an 82 L-Type and an 85 P-Type and in my opinion, this is the best touring car to come out of Japan in the eighties. The 5M-GE is silky smooth with decent power and the W58 is one of the best manuals ever made. This is the car I would drive from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo enjoying all the straights and broad curves while listening to Sade on the cassette deck without a care in the world.

  18. Joe Musashi says:

    Honestly, my 2 car JNC would consist of an NA Miata. As a follow up from my last QOTW post, the Miata was my go to car in the video games, and it eventually found a place in my garage in real life.
    The other would be, if I ever found one, a 1972–1976 Ford Courier. Now, those trucks were manufactured by Mazda and sold by Ford. I absolutely love the look of these trucks. I look at these trucks as sort of the precursor to the Ford Ranger, but by Mazda.

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