QotW: What’s your greatest JNC dream?

Do you have a dream of unlimited parking for a real life Gran Turismo garage? Do you have a dream that one day all parts, no matter how obscure, will be offered in the heritage catalogs of every carmaker? Do you have a dream that the descendants of GT-Rs and the descendants of rotary-engined Mazdas will drive together (because the companies will continue to make them for geneerations to come)? On a day marked by dreams, tell us:

What’s your greatest JNC dream?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your favorite Japanese car from 1995?

What we love about JNC readers is that only y’all could have cast more votes for the Suzuki X90 than the R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R. speedie almost won with his selection of the cute ute, but the competition was stiff this week. Troy‘s succinct reasoning for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III was strong, teddy‘s defiant love for the S150 Toyota Crown Wagon was admirable. Art‘s dedciation B14 Nissan Lucino SE-R was noble. And cesariojpn‘s pick of Toyota Crown Comfort was just plain weird. In the end, it was Lee L‘s choice of the Toyota Carina ED GT-4WD and the punchline about the humble looks that took the prize:

When it comes to Japanese Cars I’m all about the 70s and 80s, but the 90s did have plenty of awesome cars. There are a few that don’t get much love, one of which is the 3rd Gen Toyota Carina ED (ST205). More specifically the 2000GT-4WD model, which had the same AWD system as a Celica GT-4 paired with a 3S-GE and available 5 speed manual. All of this in a pretty non-descript, but attractive sedan that could easily be mistaken for a 90s Camry.

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15 Responses to QotW: What’s your greatest JNC dream?

  1. It maybe a simple dream and i’m working hard on bringing it to reality. But my (and i guess many other’s) biggest dream is that my car will finally be finnished so i can actually enjoy the hard work and money i spent on it…

  2. Lupus says:

    My biggest dream revoving around cars as a whole, is that petrol will still be availible for reasonable prices for next decades, so we can still use our JNC’s normaly. Other wise we will be forced to convert our classic engines fo some other type of fuel. I’m not sure if I would acomodate to Mad Max type of society fighting for gas with crossbow’s and muskets…

  3. BlitzPig says:

    My dream is that Honda will awaken from their SUV induced slumber and re-introduce the CRX.

    My 1988 CRX Si was, hands down, the best car I have ever owned. It did everything I needed, and wanted, a car to do. It was my daily driver, winter or summer, it was my long distance-high mileage trip missile, it was my cut and thrust autocross weapon, and my 944 slaying track monster at Mid Ohio, and it did it all without hiccup or complaint. It made me smile every time I twisted the key, no matter if I was going for groceries, or enjoying the twisties. It was the perfect car.

    No car I’ve owned, before or since, has been as downright good as my old silver Si was.

    I miss it dearly.

  4. Jeremy A. says:

    My greatest JNC Dream?

    Acquire a JDM S130 Z, so I can built a twin-turbo L28ET without the rear turbo fouling the steering column.

    Since we’re dreaming, I suppose having that L28ET topped with the OS Giken 24 valve twincam head, and enjoying the sound of a 9k RPM inline 6 while I carve up the hills of Oregon.

  5. BlitzPig says:

    I have a simple dream, for Honda to release a new CRX.

    It was the perfect car for me, did everything I wanted, and needed, a car to do, and made me smile every time I twisted the ignition key, no matter if it was a trip to the grocery, or setting a hot lap at Mid Ohio.

    Best car I ever owned.

  6. Banpei says:

    My greatest JNC dream would be one picture from a Gaston La Gaffe (Gomer Goof in English) from the late 1970s. In this comic Gaston has some sort of hippy dream where everybody is nice to each other and chants together. In one of these pictures there is a first generation Honda Civic that drives by and a string of flowers exit the exhaust pipe. Of course back in the late 70s the Honda Civic was considered one of the cleanest cars, so naturally this analogy is kind of right.

    Now my greatest JNC dream would be this exact picture: all our JNCs will no longer emit smog and CO2 and we can continue to drive and enjoy them for eternity!

  7. Rayz says:

    I live my dream, owning a 70 240Z and a70 510.

  8. dankan says:

    My JNC dream would be a electric Civic/Corolla sedan, as good looking as the 80s classics, as lightweight and fun-to-drive as an AE86 or EF with a B16.

    Hey, it may be pure sci-fi, but you said I could dream.

  9. Kev says:

    Not sure if this is a dream or a goal. Although they say a goal is just a dream with a deadline. My JNC dream is to enter my JNC at the 17th annual JCCS.

    I live in Ontario Canada. I made my first solo trip vacation in 2014 to Long Beach California. The main reason was to attend the 10th annual JCCS. I stayed on the Queen Mary hotel (Yes its haunted). I still remember that sunny Saturday morning perfectly. As I entered the gates to the park, “Anyway You Want It” was playing at volume 11 on the PA system, and my jaw dropped as I was greeted with green grass and a sea of Nihon steel, tucked into every square inch. The people were so chill and eager to tell me the history and personal stories about their prized possessions. I even got an autographed poster by John Morton, which I have since framed on my wall back home.

    Before I left the show, I knew I would one day be back with my own JNC. At the time I had my ‘85 Celica Supra, which I regretfully sold 2 years later. But fear not! I have been resto-modding a little JNC nugget for the last 4.5 years (mainly on summer weekends). Me and my girlfriend, who greatly supports this obsession, recently discussed the idea that 2021 is the year to go back, and I cannot be more excited. We have many more late nights of work still ahead, but I know we can do it! If you’re wondering if we will make it to the show, just look for the Canadian flag 😉 #JCCS17

  10. Steve says:

    With three JNCs currently awaiting restomodding and two more cars that will become JNCs in the not-too-distant future, I have a lot of JNC dreams.

    But my GREATEST JNC dream is for California to reinstate the rolling 30-year smog check exemption. With the exception of my recently acquired 1971 240Z project, all of my JNCs are post-1975 and therefore still subject to smog check.

    Oh, I know it was/is the environmentalists’ goal to get rid of every last dirty polluter and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that without smog check, smog equipment gets trashed but really, how many 1970s and 1980s cars still exist and still run and how much pollution do they create, even stripped of smog equipment (but highly tuned)? How many miles are restored/restomodded classics driven annually? 1k? 2k? 5k?

    Well, anyway, one can dream…

  11. teddy says:

    my dream is that Mazda would just bring back the rotary already! But if it’s an an suv I’ll riot. It’s be super cool to see a factory rotary Miata as like some factory option. One can dream!

  12. lacerati says:

    Time. I dream of having more time…

    Also, I dream of a Tesla-powered Datsun roadster.

  13. Lee L says:

    I frequently dream of buying a low-end R32 sedan, such as a GTS, GTE, or Gxi and running a VG30ET.

    It ain’t much, but it’s honest dreaming.

  14. Jayrdee says:

    Really all I want to do is drive my AE86 from Kentucky to California, attend Toyotafest or JCCS, rip it up on Mulholland drive, and then take Highway 1 from LA to San Francisco.

    But in a world where anything is possible, I’d live in a loft above my Gran Turismo garage.

  15. emuman says:

    My dream is to drive a Mazda RX-8 from Germany where I live back to Hiroshima. Bringing back the pride to the Mazda rotary engineers and celebrate the last rotary car. Support the underdog!

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