QotW: What’s your favorite color on a JNC?

One of my favorite bands of all time is Living Colour. As a kid growing up in the dying ages of cassette tapes and the new age of digital platters, my first journey beyond the radio man’s reach was listening to my brother’s Living Colour CDs. Therefore, we must ask:

What’s your favorite color, baby, on a JNC?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What modern day feature does your JNC need?”

If it wasn’t the fact that we occasionally drive modern cars, we’d probably all be fine with 30-year-old technology. Sadly, once you taste the riches it’s harder to be poor. This week’s winner, Steve, described the situation best.

When I bought my 1979 Celica, back in 1979, I thought, “REAL drivers only need a M/T and none of that frou frou stuff.” In 1988, when I bought my Toyota pickup, I thought, “REAL drivers only need M/T and A/C and none of that frou frou stuff.” In 1999, when I bought my NB Miata, I thought, “REAL drivers only need M/T, A/C, and cruise control.” That held true until 2016 when I bought an FRS. I grudgingly bought a 2016 with its back up camera. But now, I wish my 1979 Celica also had A/C, cruise control, and a backup camera…

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14 Responses to QotW: What’s your favorite color on a JNC?

  1. Will Hainsworth says:

    Pink. Why? The Pink Honda City, which was a hugely popular car here in New Zealand, so much so that we continued to produce them in our own factory until 1990, four years after 1st generation City production ceased in Japan. A child of the 80s, I was in love when I first clapped eyes on that boxy tallboy wonder. A family friend went to Japan and brought back a pink Honda City cabriolet model for me. It was actually a cigarette lighter, you pushed down on the tonneau cover and flames came out. My parents quickly drained the lighter fluid! Misplacing that toy is possibly the greatest regret of my life.

  2. RX626 says:

    R30 Skyline RS red and black two tone.
    It is a body color symbolizing this car, especially cool.

  3. Hector Lopez says:

    Personally, I always feel that MOST japanese cars look great in white. In my humble opinion MOST of the classic JNC’s habe a timeless look in white, and my FRS, and Forester XT are white as well.

  4. CobaltFire says:

    Honestly the color scheme on that 432R is exactly what I want on my Z, and just about my favorite JNC color (I MAY be biased). Lucky that it was originally that color AND it seems that the paint is intact under the other two coats (white and black); a bit has chipped off and the original clearcoat wasn’t even scuffed!

    Aside from the rust that I need to cut out and replace, I’m going to try and keep that orange (VW guys report that graffiti remover works wonders for taking off paint a layer at a time; we shall see) and paint the hood black (it doesn’t have the original hood). I’ve already got gunmetal Enkei Compe’s for it.

  5. Bryan Kitsune says:

    Anything not rust colored.

  6. Chase says:

    112 Yellow (Greenish?) on my 72 240z. It’s bright, which is nice from a safety standpoint on today’s roads where paying attention to driving seems optional. It also takes on different shades of green/yellow depending on the time of day and lighting. Kinda cool. Best reason for it being my favorite color? Kids think the car is some kind of exotic Lambo when they see it due to the outspoken nature of the color. Who doesn’t want their old Datsun to be mistaken for an Italian super car??

  7. alvin says:

    Sora Blue (#563) from the Datsun Roadster

    Sora means “sky” in Japanese and it perfectly suits the open top sports car.:

    If you see one in person it is a color that will make you smile!

  8. Mike in Long Beach says:

    The correct answer is white. White is the unofficial national color for Japanese motor sports, just as red is for Italy, green for the Britain, silver for Germany and blue for France. But the cool answer is orange. Gotta love an orange 510 or an orange NSX or an orange Z, or…well…the list just goes on and on.

  9. Nicholas says:

    Toyota Moss Green

  10. Ant says:

    Two words: Mariner Blue.

  11. Mauro says:

    112 Yellow- Exclusive only to the Datsun 240z of 1972 (-:

    An interesting color that seemingly changes to a greener tone at night and shifts back to its pale yellow form in the sunlight.

  12. Alwx says:

    Nice midnight blue on datsun 240z or gunmeatle gray.

  13. Bob says:

    Wine Red Metallic for my 280Z which is paint code 611 and if I ever have the chance to own a 240ZG then GP Maroon which is paint code 116. I see what you did there Nissan. Well done.

  14. Dan says:

    It depends on the vehicle. I could, if given enough time, provide an example for every vintage Japanese car and truck under the sun. Being largely a purist, I’m not a fan of non-original colors, but factory graphics are always a bonus!

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