QotW: What would you like to see at JCCS this year?

It’s JCCS week, rock ‘n’ rollers, so today’s question is all about the biggest kyuusha show in the hemisphere.

What you would you like to see at JCCS this year?

Our answer is perhaps a bit out there, blasphemous to some, and a long shot to boot, but we’d like to see some love for Japan’s more niche automotive subcultures. Take Fukuoka specification, for example. You could say they’re a subset of zokusha, but one that features bright colors and prominent racing logos on boxy cars. Though there are elements of bosozoku style, they typically lack the crazier stuff like three-foot ankle slicer air dams and giant box flares. Is the west ready for this yet? We don’t know, but there’s only one way to find out.

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining or inspiring comment by next Monday will receive a random toy. Click through to see the winner from last week’s question, “What’s the coolest Japanese nostalgic truck?” 

As usual we received a truckload of great comments, ranging from knoonz‘s humorous nomination of the Mazda Porter Cab to to Phillip‘s endearing plea for the Toyota Publica Pickup. By numbers the Mazda REPU got the most votes, but in the end it was Tofuik‘s inspirational story about his grandfather’s Nissan 720 that tugged at our heartstrings the most.

Dad had a mid 80s Nissan 720. Just something about that strange dual spark plug Z24 and how the truck hauled ass down the gravel roads as I tagged along to help him with electrician work as a kid. It was previously my grandfathers truck and when he died it was passed on to my dad. It smelled of gasoline and pipe tobacco. It got the hell beat out of it daily all the way into the 2000s and eventually left to go continue its life in Mexico. Nowadays anytime I sit in an older import that someone smoked in I get this wave of nostalgia, of the good times going 90mph on shitty roads with the windows down and the Doobie Brothers turned up. I miss that truck.

Omedetou! Your prize from the JNC gashapon is a Tomica Isuzu Elf Dump Truck with real working bed!

[Image: Minkara]

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34 Responses to QotW: What would you like to see at JCCS this year?

  1. cesariojpn says:

    I think JCCS should try to grab one owner and his/her car from each state in the nation and ship their cars to the event and from the event, all expenses paid. DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Trust Territories should be included as well. Or choose a state/some states, grab a handful of examples ranging from stock rollers to modified extremes to show how the car culture is in that particular state.

    This could bring out cars that are rarely seen anywhere (or in California generally) and show that JDM has infiltrated into the USA very thoroughly.

    • Toyotageek says:

      “all expenses paid”?

      LOL – you must think the organizers are loaded in $

      • cesariojpn says:

        The ? says what you want to see, not “Ideas that will fit into the budget of a non-profit organization.”

        • Toyotageek says:

          I think your original idea is interesting, but it probably is not practical. It was your “all expensives paid” comment that grabbed my attentiion. Without it, I would have said nothing.

          No, the ? I left says:
          “What? How do you expect this to be paid for, and researched, organized and arranged?”
          Sorry if I was vague.

          Also, to the best of my knowledge JCCS is not a NPO.

    • Tyler says:

      That would be neat, but they could maybe do one state a year. Get a three-car trailer and have a company sponsor the “state spotlight”.

  2. Nigel says:

    I looking forward to seeing an R30 Skyline 2 door or 4 door.

  3. xs10shl says:

    I’d love to see “myself” there this year, but I’m stuck at home. Few others would probably care if I’m there or not, but it would to tops on my list.

  4. dankan says:

    Haha, Fukuoka style. My in-laws are from the area, and the style sounds to me like a rationalization for either not wanting bodywork likely to get knocked off by curbs or sharp corners, or by people who realized that the full bosozoku style was beyond their yankee means, but noticed that paint and stickers were not.

    God do I miss Fukuoka-ken.

  5. Toyotageek says:

    I just want to see period correct cars as they were when they rolled off the showroom floor or the way they looked when they were on the road, back in the day. To borrow from the title of one of my favorite TV shows (Cool Japan!) – Cool Stock!

    Seeing what people are doing with the cars today is neat, but the trend(s) we see happening are overhyped. While they are crowd pleasers, they don’t really do it for me. The best car gatherings I’ve seen in Japan are the ones where mom & dad bring out their survivors. That’s what I want to see, survivors…. not Concours cars, not tricked out race machines, but REAL everyday cars. Bring on the plain Jane road machines. Show us some vintage clunkers. That’s my opinion, but then I’m a little crazy.

    • bert says:

      While I agree that you are a little crazy, I will not fault you whatsoever for wanting to see a bone stock classic! Where I grew up, japanese cars were never thought of as classics. Everyone wanted muscle cars, or those little european cars that spent most of their time being wrenched on. Old japanese cars were just throw away tin cans, so it was rare to see any of them modded in any way. I grew up with old Toyotas, and a lot of my friends first cars were Datsuns or Mazdas, a few old Hondas. So most of my memories are of totally stock, completely awesome, yet still able to kick the crap out of most anything out of Detroit or Europe “Jap crap”! (To quote my father) Resto modded cars are cool, but I love me some stockness!

    • cesariojpn says:

      You win.

    • The black CRX says:

      T-geek, I’m 100% with you (and will be doing my best to accommodate). It would also be nice someday if the amazing hosts of the event would distinguish between “stock” and “original.” It’s fun to see the variety there, and it’s kind of fun to see how every Trueno or other AE86 at the show has different taillights, but the bone-stock cars are always my favorites, and the preserved originals the most special among them.

  6. Benjamin says:

    Nostalgic dekotora vans!

  7. Tyler says:

    Even though I won’t be able to make it, I’d like to see early models from each of the major manufacturer. You could include things like the recently discovered Toyota AA, a Mitsu A10, Suzulight, Subaru 360, Honda S360 concept, Mazda PKW (if it exists), Datsun 10.

    I love seeing the really old ones as much as I do the crazy modified street machines. Many people, even enthusiasts, don’t realize how old some of these marques are and how far they’ve come. It would be a great place to showcase the oldtimers beside the youngtimers. And have info boards!

  8. Freddy says:

    I wanna see more A60/RA64 Ceicas!!

    • Barton Hites says:

      Hi there! This blog post could not be written much better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I most certainly will forward this information to him. Fairly certain he will have a very good read. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Ken says:

    I thought the variety was pretty healthy last year. I guess my 2 cents would love to see more race inspired & modified vehicle of any gen. Nothing against garage queens or squeaky clean RB/sr swapped cars, but being an avid autoXer, my thumbs up vote will always go to a semi-beat up, caged race rod with dirty velocity stacks vs. 3 layers of wax and unused 400rwhp 🙂

  10. Erik says:

    It would be awesome to see a Toyota 2000gt, a Mazda 787b, Hakosukas, and some inspiration for my ae86. I can’t wait!!! I’ll see you there!!!

  11. Toepfer says:

    A done correct sharknosed flared Z10 Soarer.

  12. James says:

    I would like to see me there with someone handing me the keys and title to their ride. You know, just sayin’.

  13. MOCMAN says:

    What you would you like to see at JCCS this year?


  14. Brad D. says:

    As I am making the trip from Massachusetts for the first time this year I don’t care what shows up, as long as its old Japanese and fun to look at! From a stock CVCC to a Boso Cressida, it will be awesome to see the cars in the metal that I have been drooling over since the first coverage from the first JCCS.

    (Also as a Sapporo/Starion owning Mitsubishi guy, how about some Mitsubishi’s! I know they are rare and even in So-Cal not as common as the others, but to see a couple first and second gen Colts would be awesome.)

  15. The black CRX says:

    I’d love to see some love from Honda corporate. I’ve shown my CRX in every JCCS (and will be back this weekend with it, and maybe something else) and I have yet to see any presence from the people who made the cars us Honda fans have loved for decades. Toyota brings a display of cars from their museum and has a great presence. I’ve often wondered if Honda remembers why they used to be #1 in owner loyalty.

  16. 2000gtx says:

    my velocity stacks are a little dirty and i only have one layer of wax

  17. cesariojpn says:

    The question doesn’t make light if we can double dip. So i’m going for it.

    What about Commercial/Heavy Vehicles? Nissan/UD and Mistubishi Fuso has been in the US market for sometime, surely some of the earliest heavy trucks these guys brought over exist somewhere in the USA? Or is this area a complete crap shoot given the lack of information?

  18. Daniel vega says:

    next year?

    well im glad you asked
    girls with bit tits in overalls and their feet as dark as the sky

  19. Daniel vega says:


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