QotW: What will your favorite cars be like when they become robots?

In the 22nd century rotary-powered Mazdas will have taken the form of mobile suits of armor, and these RX-78s will agile and intuitive to operate, not unlike Mazda cars of today. We could also see an Infiniti G3000 covered in tasteless mods, or Toyota just cold giving up on building the A190 Supra and letting aliens build it instead. The possibilities are endless.

What will your favorite cars be like when they become robots?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your best story involving a small car?

The stories you submitted were quite varied and, as a bonus, unexpected. There was Lupus‘s hilarious tale of a stupendously bad Daihatsu purchase. If we read Cyco Pablo‘s comment correctly, it would seem to imply he rescued a broken down FJ40 with a Honda CRX. Negishi no Keibajo saw a Toyota MR2 in Japan in 1984 before it was out in the US. F31Roger went to an F31 meeting (shocker!) in Japan but then stumbled upon a Suzuki Cappuccino meeting happening at the exact same park. The winner, however, was Tofu Delivery, who gave us a good laugh with a story that someone should probably make a movie out of:

the time i became undisputed king of touge battles by simply by driving my dad’s tofu delivery car since i was 13.

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8 Responses to QotW: What will your favorite cars be like when they become robots?

  1. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    A Yamaha golf cart with two cupholders.

  2. Nigel says:

    Toyota Mark X5000…with four sections for a Voltron experience.
    (And single pilot options).

  3. dankan says:

    You need to think of the car’s character to find their robotic match. They need to speak of similar time periods and ideals.
    240Z – Manzinger Z
    NSX – the VF-1 Valkyrie
    Subaru 360 – Wall-E

  4. Lupus says:

    Play this tune as soudtrack:
    Mahoney – Future

    Imagene yourself a different universe. But no so different from our’s. Only… bigger. Earth itself beeing ten times bigger.

    At some point of human evolution and development somthing went different. A techonology from far future emerged from a temporal singularity. After extensive reverse engeneering humans adopted this technology and it spread around the world.

    This technology changed the way of thinking on the entire globe. Humans decided to step from steam powered machines directly to nuclear energy. Internal combustion engines weren’t developed at all. No cars have been built…

    Instead of wheeled machines consuming petrol and diesel fuel’s, here are huge humanoidal robots, called MECHA. They power comes from enriched uranium or raw plutonium. Over 150 years of development and upgrading gave birth to countless models in many different sizes, shapes and built for defferent needs.
    Controlig them requires a lot of skill and mental strenght. It’s not for everyone… The NeuralNet systems have been developed just 50 years ago. Before that all commands where given to the machine by it’s operator by phisical inputs.

    Welcome to MECHA WORLD. A world where machines have spirits. Where humans are loosing they feelings. You may call it future. Here it is present.

  5. Tom Westmacott says:

    The K11 “March”
    – small proportions with a friendly, cartoon face, easy for pilot to get into
    – lightweight build, yet surprisingly durable
    – walks with a bouncy gait, leans a lot but never topples over
    – can sprint surprisingly quickly for its size

  6. Cesariojpn says:

    Pretty sure the Toyota Crown becomes a Patlabor.


  7. HotWheelsAndFriedChicken ! says:

    I want a key, not one of those stupid push button key fob start ignition things.

  8. Tofu Delivery says:

    thanks guys! my fave car is an ae86…. guess they never made a transformer out of that 🙁

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