QotW: What are the rules of the road for your JNC?

As enthusiasts, we can be pretty particular when it comes to our cars. It can be annoying to passengers, sure, but they just don’t understand the love we have for our JNCs. My personal rule is never, ever, put your stank-ass shoes on the easily crack-able dashboards. Those are probably the single most valuable and irreplaceable parts on our entire cars.

What are the rules of the road for your JNC?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the one car you’d get from the year you were born?

We knew our readership ranged widely in age, but we were truly amazed and pleasantly surprised by the vast range found in the comments. We had green readers who, if they were Japan-market cars, would not be eligible for entry into the US yet, like Angelo, who chose a Stagea, or エーイダン, who went for a Caldina GT-T. On the other end of the spectrum, there were several venerable readers who came into this world before most Japanese cars, period, like Mike RL411, who chose a 1937 810 (that’s Cord, not Datsun); Mike in Long Beach, who opted for a 1945 Toyoda SA; or Negishi no Keibaja, who chose a 1958 Okamura Mikasa.

There were many clever comments, like dankan‘s circumvention of the rules to get a Ferrari 512 which he would then sell to populate his dream garage; or TheJWT, who shared an indelible memory of a first encounter with an NSX; or Josh, who cast aside fancier cars for one he felt nostalgic for, or Kats, whose dream it was to own the only Fairlady Z432 made in June 0f 1969.

However, the winner by a slim margin was Fozzy Osbourne, who put his answer in the form of a traditional Japanese poem:

Since I was born in 1984, this will be my Toyota MR2 Haiku…

Mid-engined go-kart
Feather-weight and fancy free
Duran Duran please

Omedetou! Your comment has earned you a set of decals from the JNC Shop.

JNC Decal smash

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18 Responses to QotW: What are the rules of the road for your JNC?

  1. Ant says:

    No eating and drinking. Always laugh when I see people adding aftermarket cupholders and such to their cars (JNCs or otherwise) because ain’t nobody gonna use them anyway in my cars…

  2. Angelo says:

    Think postive and no panicking when the car makes weird sounds, or emit some smell…

    Because old J-tin projects do that with a passion.

  3. james says:

    No smoking, no alcohol, no loud noises and no complaining.

  4. Nigel says:

    Do NOT slam the f$#&@n doors !!

  5. Mike RL411 says:

    No smoking, booze locked in the trunk even if not opened, no farting when on internal air circulation.

  6. Yuri says:

    My AE86 needs no rules (because no one wants to ride in it.)

  7. Mr. Bill says:

    When we were dating, my now Wife was in the habit of slipping off her shoes and putting her feet up on the dash of my S12 200sx coupe. It was by no means a decent interior, and since I was trying to woo her I let it slide…

    …until one cold winter day when her hot sweaty foot cracked my freezing windshield from passenger to driver’s side!

    15 years later and she still knows where to keep her feet.

  8. Notchiroku says:

    As the shirtstuckedin sticker on my rear window says, Please Smoking!

  9. エーイダン says:

    He who drives….decides what music plays….that’s it.

  10. Dommy T says:

    The rules:

    1. No Granny-shifting
    2. Double-clutch, like you should
    3. Always have your car

  11. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    AAA with a flatbed only. ?

  12. Howard Dreispan says:

    No food, water, dirt, dust, or smoking in my car. Breathing (quietly!) is okay. You can’t even carry food in a bag in my car. If you are wearing jeans, etc., and they have rivets, your walking!

  13. j_c says:

    Everyone else get off the road!

  14. Amar says:

    I really like taking people for coffee in my cars; the only rule that we have is to have fun, and enjoy the car. (yeah even the ash tray if you want) 🙂

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