Happy Sevens Day from JNC

It’s the perfect day to exercise your rotary engine. Just remember to lubricate those apex seals! Happy Sevens Day from JNC!

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  1. Don says:

    I have just purchased a series 1 RX7.
    Your remark on the apex seal lubrication is pertinent as I have doubts on mine.
    At the moment I am premixing.
    I am having difficulty finding out what quantity the pump is supposed to produce.
    Your assistance would be helpful.

    • Rotornutcase says:

      The factory service manual:
      Warm up engine. Ensure there are no leaks in the pump and hoses.
      Disconnect the hoses and place over a collection/measuring cup.
      Set engine speed at 2000 rpm for 6 minutes,
      The correct volume collected should be 1.8 to 2.2 ml (cc) in the 6 minutes.
      NOTE: when running with oil hose disconnected, ensure there is a tube feeding oil to the engine (maybe set up a tube with funnel for gravity fed oil).

      Personally, pre-mix is not a bad way to go (about 1/2 oz per gallon) if you still have your oil metering pump connected/working. I use it on all of my rotaries. Just don’t do it before a smog check. Oil lowers your fuel octane and can mess with your emissions.

  2. Felix says:

    I’ve always pre-mixed and my 13b has lasted 24 years so far.

  3. gregorymazur says:

    advice from 40yrs rotary experience. If your rotary has been sitting for several
    days “prime ” each injector line with syringe. Oil back flows into metering pump
    and your without lubrication for 10 min! Always use penna crude “green oil”
    like brad penn. Penna green oil burns cleanly, never use synthetic. Add a oz
    of marvels mystery oil to your fuel.
    I am working on a rotary fuel combustion additive that modifies combustion
    and matches the rotational motion of the rotor. more info email me.

  4. greg mazur says:

    PS , use starting assist fluid on your rotary during first start up of the day.
    Spray a small amount right down the carb, then fire it up , use starting assist fluid that contains oil. The idea is to provide immediate lubrication and cause the engine to
    immediately come up to speed to provide oil pressure.

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