Happy Labor Day from JNC


It’s not work if you love it, right? Happy Labor Day from JNC.

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8 Responses to Happy Labor Day from JNC

  1. AZ 2 NV says:

    Is this a picture of the inner sanctum in Tokyo of Tomei Powered Inc. ?

  2. Nigel says:

    Looks like the type of place where hours only feel like minutes.
    (Reality starts again Tuesday).).

  3. mister k says:

    props to ben & all the jnc crew! the joint don’t run itself do it?

  4. Saruken says:

    Also applies to the drive to and from that “official” job you have, if you make it in the classic car that keeps your knuckles sore, your wallet light, and your heart happy. Every JNC is a labor of love. So happy Labor Day indeed.

  5. Clovis16 says:

    Have a nice Day, today!

  6. Jim Daniels says:

    Thanks guys for keeping it going. The picture is a beautiful thing. A man with tool left alone to do as he enjoys, creating beautiful things.

  7. Nakazoto says:

    Hey, I was in that room just two days ago!
    Wish I could spend my days in there instead of in the grey office building I spend them in now!

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