Friday Video: Nissan Cedrics vs S30 Fairlady Z

Last week we were surprised that we’d never featured a hakosuka in a Friday Video car chase. Even more surprising is the lack of S30s in Seibu Keisatsu pursuits. Although we’ve seen a couple here and there, you’d think there would be more examples of Japan’s most famous sports car in a Nissan-sponsored show devoted to vehicular mayhem. This week’s clip not only gives Zed heads a healthy dose of Fairlady Z as getaway car following a jewelry store heist, but Sunnys, Skylines and Cedrics as collateral damage. Perhaps one reason more Zs weren’t used is because they bad guys can’t always get away!

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4 Responses to Friday Video: Nissan Cedrics vs S30 Fairlady Z

  1. goki says:

    Stig’s Japanese grandfather!

  2. Ryuji says:

    a white C10 around 4:58 i dig that one

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