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Long Beach USA JDM Classic Car Slideshow

The japanese hold some awesome classic car meets (gotta go to one one-day) but the JDM events in the USA run them pretty close in terms of quality, if not quite quantity. Here’s a sublime slideshow of an event in … Continue reading

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Minkara – Japan’s CarDomain

  It’s one thing to search all the western websites for classic JDM cars, but that usually only leads you to cars that are in the west.  Minkara is basically Japan’s version of CarDomain, so it’s a great place to … Continue reading

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The Most Aptly Named Website, Ever.

The online classic JDM community just keeps on growing and growing. Old Japanese Car – perhaps the most aptly named website in the history of teh intarweb – will soon be launching a full website covering all there is to … Continue reading

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The Retro Rides Manifesto

The guys over at the Retro Rides forum have been maintaining a thread devoted to nothing but photos of classic cars. They’re not all JDM, but that’s fine – we do like cars from other countries too, you know! So … Continue reading

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Hunting for Some Classic JDM of Your Own?

JapaneseNostalgicCar have dug up what’ll probably be my favourite link for the week – Love Old Cars. It’s in Japanese – as all the best Classic JDM blogs are – but as with all of them, the magic is in … Continue reading

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Cool JDM Clothing

A cool part of any old school scene are the clothes. If you don’t believe me, go to any western hot rod meet and see how many guys are walking around in shirts with the Iron-Cross/West-Coast Choppers insignia on it! … Continue reading

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Mooneyes Japan Blog (and it’s in English too!)

There are plenty of blogs in Japan about the classic car scene, but almost all are in Japanese only. Still, it’s fun to look at the pretty picture so they’re still worth seeking out. An exception is Shige Suganuma’s blog, … Continue reading

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A Rainy Weekend’s Net Surfing

One of my favourite Youtube clips at the moment is this one. Not only does it feature lots of delectable JDM classics, but also the impeccable taste of the smoky jazz soundtrack suggested that the video’s creator would be worth … Continue reading

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Vintage Skyline Owners Club – Japan

In our travels around the net today, we stumbled across the Vintage Skyline Owners Club, a Japanese club devoted specifically to the “hakosuka” (ハコスカ) model – the KPGC10. Hakosuka is a popular name for the C10 among its fans, with … Continue reading

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Five pages of classic JDM lovin’

No no, we’re not talking about Japanese porn – though if you shoot us an email, we can point you in the right direction (kidding!). No, our friends over at have dug deep and pulled out five sweet pages … Continue reading

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