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EVENTS: 2012 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 01: Debuts

The 2012 Japanese Classic Car Show has come and gone, and this year’s was the hottest one yet. We mean that literally, as it was an unseasonably scorching 100-plus degree day, rare even for SoCal in September, but that didn’t … Continue reading

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Character, I Has It: MX36 Toyota Cressida Wagon

There really isn’t much to say about this MX36 Cressida, except that it is awesome. Slammed on Enkei 92s and rockin’ the original faux wood paneling, it’s loaded with character. [Kyusha Kai]

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JNC Wagon: Tokico Shocks Install

A bone stock 1986 Cressida Wagon is a lanky beast, in desperate need of a slam. We’ve had low-down springs on our JNC Wagon for a while now, but 23-year-old shock absorbers meant we were bobbing like a Halloween apple … Continue reading

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Carboy, Circa 1998: Draggin' MarkII Wagon

Doesn’t it seem like 1998 was not that long ago, when in fact it’s been over 10 years already? Back before the formation of D1GP, drag racing was still all the rage in Japan. Drifting was on juuust the verge … Continue reading

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imG Old Skewl Meet

May 17, 2009, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA Southern California hardly ever disappoints for the sheer number of nostalgics it contains. Case in point is the Old Skewl Meet today in gorgeous (overcast) Mission Bay in San Diego. This was … Continue reading

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The Ghost Factory's Hot Rod Datsuns

Hotrod JNC’s are fascinating if for no other reason, they reflect the American hotrod’s influence in Japan. The JNC sub-culture took root some years ago thanks to the likes of Mooneyes and Crown Classics, but what shop has taken up … Continue reading

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JNC at the JCCS

The Japanese Classic Car Show has come and gone. It was a phenomenal event, as always. We are going through our mountain of pics and will post them later tonight, but there’s one very important pic we forgot about: our … Continue reading

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Washin' the Wagon for JCCS

See you there tomorrow!

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