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TUNE UP: Biz Markie made the Mazda MPV a hip-hop symbol

Biz Markie has passed away at the age of 57. In his honor, we are republishing this story from August 18, 2017. RIP (April 8, 1964 – July 16, 2021). Nineties hip-hop had no shortage of love for Japanese cars, but … Continue reading

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FUTURE NOSTALGIC: 2014 Toyota Sienna SE

Yes, we put a tsurikawa on a minivan. But not just any minivan. We’re talkin’ bout the baddest baby boomer bus on the block — the Toyota Sienna SE. Call us crazy, but we think this is one of the … Continue reading

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QotW: Which JNC will the valet park front and center at the opera?

You’re piloting your dream Japanese classic, its drop dead sexiness outshined only by your spouse in the passenger seat, dressed to the nines in an evening gown (or tuxedo, we don’t discriminate). Lights dance across the gleaming hood as you … Continue reading

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EVENTS: 2012 Mooneyes Street Car Nationals, Part 04: Vans

All hail the one-box! Our final installment of the 2012 Mooneyes Street Car Nationals is going to be van-tastic! After all, the SCN is a festival of Amesha Kulture, and what’s more American than vannin’? 

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Toyota Van Sports the Biggest Bra You’ve Ever Seen

Under normal circumstances a big bra is a turn on, but good God, how many cows do you suppose were slain to fashion this gimp mask for a mid-80s Toyota Van? Things get even more S&M creepy when you consider … Continue reading

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Japanese Backyard Collection of J-tin

This backyard stash of J-tin was just sitting about on a quiet suburban side street. The owner of this trove may not want to be revealed so I won’t mention any names, but he did say that the majority of … Continue reading

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Morning Cruising in Yokohama

We’re still trying to go through the hundreds of SEMA photos we took, but in the meantime here’s a small set of photos from Satoshi, our man in Japan, from one of the Morning Cruises sponsored by Barracuda. Here are … Continue reading

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Oh, Nap! '82 Toyota Lite Ace Gets the Bunk Out

The interior of this 1982 Toyota Lite Ace makes us wish we were kids again. Why? Because it has bunk beds! The lower level is formed by folding the rear seats flat, while the upper bed is suspended from the … Continue reading

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JNC In Japan: Day 7

Alas, our journey to Japan has come to an end. This morning we packed up our 10,000 lbs of brochures, some low down springs for the Cressida wagon, and 500 mystery boxes into Satoshi’s lowered 1995 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear … Continue reading

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JNC In Japan: Day 1

We took NWA, but the food wasn’t very good. If you have a choice, we recommend Public Enemy Air. Our man in Japan Satoshi picked us up in his slammed 1995 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Super Exceed. It’s got 0 … Continue reading

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'67 Toyo Kogyo Lineup, No Corks

Over at online magazine Winding Road, they’ve posted the pages of a 1967 Toyo Kogyo brochure. If you’ve been paying attention, that’s the manufacturer Mazda was formerly known as, and it made corks. Each company had its humble beginnings. For … Continue reading

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Hiace Haiku

Born sixty seven, Forty years of large one-box Too square for the States. [Toyopet]

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